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Kojie2u's Previously Completed Works

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    About Abridged! Euphonium!

    Hazah! A new abridged by Kojie! I have yet to work on other abridges, I've put them off, I know, but that's due to me not being able to work with some stuff, without being stupid in the script. (Also for the fact that when I made those old casting calls, I didn't like CCC's layout, but I kinda grew accustomed to it now. The layout turned me off when I first started here, but I can handle it now, I guess, and I won't just blow stuff off, such as writing scripts and getting casts. The only other abridged projects I'm working on right now are Kancolle abridged, (ongoing) Noragami abridged (put on hold until I have time to do some fun script writing and re-casting) Saekano abridged (put on hold, probably will recast, due to lack of lines being turned in,) Inou-battle, (put on hold until I get time to edit and find a new Andou) Mondaiji abridged (helping a friend out with that, she's busy, and we decided to rewrite the first script soon,) No Game No Life (finished episode 1 a long time ago, but taken down, will soon be revised over the summer, when we all have time to recast and such,) Amagi Brilliant Abridged (put on hold for a bit, not sure if people are interested anymore, in the cast,) Mekakucity Gangsters (put on hold for editing. It's still in the works, but Mekakucity Actors is just a weird anime to even abridge, if it's already a joke. HAH!) And [redacted] Cinderella Girls abridged, which is put on hold, since my friend is busy, and she's the main script writer.)

    (Keep in mind, these are abridged series, that I intend to actually continue, no matter how much time it takes. Noragami took a while, but we got it done in quality. I'm much more experienced as a director, and I know how to keep my stuff clean now. I TRY to make an effort and gather the cast members in a group, and at least start on it. It seems that the more interested I am in a series, the further it can go. For examle, Kancolle abridged is already finished with 5 episodes.)

    I know that seems like A LOT of projects for one person to keep track of, but I'm able to manage, I am much more organized than when I started, and created my frustration for Mekakucity Gangsters, Amagi Brilliant Abridged, No Game No Life abridged and Noragami abridged. The rest that weren't mention were probably abandoned, due to reasons of reasons, or they're different kinds of projects. Such as one shots and fandubs, of course. I don't see Mondaiji, NGNL, [redacted], Amagi and Noragami going anywhere soon. (I would continue Noragami, and be working on that, instead of this, if it weren't for

    And that's when I started to actually write scripts before doing the casting call. Because now I'm not stupid. Anyway, this anime is amazing, and I have a couple ways to make it funny. It'll be weird to work with, as it's an anime about trumpets, but there will be many blowing jokes. Yes, very mature of me. Anyway, Every week, if I'm up for it, I'll try to make a script that's actually funny, for this abridged. Besides my Kantai Collection abridged, I believe this will be one of my bigger projects that I definitely look forward to, and won't abandon. I am well aware that this isn't the thing that should be mentioned, in a project, as it'll just simply probably make me look bad, but I thought that I should tell everyone auditioning to be just as serious as I will be. I'm laid back, but I'm not laid back to the point where I don't care if people turn in lines or not. If the cast is consistent in turning in their lines, I will happily be willing, in my mind, to edit. If the cast does nothing for months, then I will most likely forget, and stop the project. So everyone has to be committed.

    As the series progresses with the scripts I write, I shall keep this project open, as I cast characters. There will be many characters, from video games and different anime. Maybe even some original drawings that I can put on there.

    Anyhow, now moving on, let us get to the rules!

    No bad microphones, they sound poopy, enough said, no static or background noises, during recordings. If you know how to use Noise Removal, please use it.

    Always stay committed and participate in group chats on skype. I don't NEED your skype, but it is highly recommended, if you'd like updates and consistent information. Please, turn in your lines by the deadline, before is very much appreciated, of course. But no one wants to wait on you, and your lines that take a month, for some reason. I know we get lazy, but it shouldn't be hard to take probably ten minutes to record. 

    Keep in mind, if you audition for a character, you'll have to say the lines, whether you have a problem with it or not, unless you justify me into changing it, then there's that. You'll have to shout, be loud, and all that fun stuff, scream, so be prepared if you will audition. Even if this anime isn't all the screamy, I still have a lot of screaming involved in the scripts.

    And of course, with an abridged, comes with inappropriate content! This abridged will have a lot of vulgar jokes, and a lot of swearing. Some people may have to yell it, too. So please audition, if you're ready for that.

    Please contact me within a week of getting casted, or contact me, before you get casted. It's always nice to have a way to contact your voice actors, and your voice actors to contact you. I personally like to get along with my voice actors, so contacting me shouldn't be much of a hassle.

    (Pls i cri im loanly)

    My skype is kojie2u

    My email is [redacted]

    About the Explainer Video, this video is basically what we'll probably be like, but better, of course. This was an old work of mine, but probably one of my best, somehow. (Oh, looking at this is so fun, I was such a poopy voice actor, I still am, but I wasn't as good, back then. xP) 

    Any questions shall be answered in the comments!

    About the Creator: kojie2u

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold