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Matthew R Wright's Previously Completed Works

Beginners Masterclass

Starts Sept 15. Seats limited.

Voice Acting 101

Starts Sept 15. Seats limited.

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About A4A - Anthology Series - More Than a Fair Sentence

Hi, I'm Matt, I go by TheWelcomingWhisper online, I am a writer and Amatuer Voice Actor. I release weekly audio dramas on my channel and am in need of additional voices for roles that I can't/shouldn't play. This is where you wonderful people come in, I need your voices, lend them to me. In all seriously though, I do need voices to help me with my projects. As a writer I love creating characters and situations that are interesting and fun, but as a Amatuer VA, there's only so much that I can do on my own. From the descriptions below you will find the roles that I need for that particular short story and a link to the script should you find yourself interested. Eventually with enough VA's and content, I will be able to begin bigger projects that will enable you all to be paid for your time and work, as you all deserve. 

Let me know if you're interested by auditioning below. This is the first of many Auditions for the Channel's 'ANXIETY FOR AFTERWARDS' project. So if any of these roles don't interest you, come back in a couple of weeks and there'll be more available to view. 

Thank you for your time 

- Matt (TheWelcomingWhisper)

More Than a Fair Sentence:

Prisons get worse for those who still chose the break the laws of the future. In this not-too-distant time those that are serve their sentences will do so within simulations. Their simulated punishments closely reflect their crimes and for those responsible for maintaining the equipment to help run the simulations - life can suck. The story takes place from the perspective of two characters: A Trainer and their Trainee, as they patrol around the facility and discuss the horrors of this new punishment system. 

Script link here:

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