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    About A Sisters Tale - A Minecraft Roleplay

    A Sisters Tale

    This an original roleplay and royal tale by LuckiDucki and Penguuuuin...

    Beware, as beyond this you will be devoured into the immense storyline and character designs, this is a warning as we are not in charge of any harm that comes to the readers of this.

    Limited explicit content is provided below, however young viewers be prepared for the immense and terrifying truth about the one true kingdom..

    You have now been warned..


    This will be a multiple seasons minecraft roleplay being carried on the ever so popular YouTube. We are expecting around 3-4 series of immense storyline. The seasons will consist of around 10 episodes, which in all honesty isn't too long for a series. Making it a 40 episode long series, meaning that all members MUST be dedicated and not just looking for a hobby to do in their free time.

    We want to start recording sometime in February or March, meaning that we have a limited time to get all the production work done. However, we are looking for people to help assist us with it.

    Before we get into the storyline, there are some requirements that everyone is needed to abide by.

    1. Please have a good quality recording area and software, we don't want to accept people that are unable to provide us with a good quality final product.

    2. Must have Minecraft, this is again 'A Minecraft Roleplay Production' it would make it a deal easier with all of us having Minecraft PC. 

    3. Please make sure that you are 11+, if you aren't and you still wish to audition please comment you're age under you're audition and we will still consider it for your honesty.

    4. Please be flexible with this, we need truly dedicated people for this and we will be willing to replace anyone who is inactive!

    5. Lastly, please have a form of communication, in this case we will be using Discord, a free and safe chat and speaking app. I will message you my Discord username once you have made the role.

    Also, if accepted please do not spoil any of the lines or scenes, doing so will cause you to become banned.


    Ackernon, a considerably peaceful kingdom, has faced a dangerous crossroad.. dark forces have been seeking the kingdom and all the power that it entails, the only available way they can receive the said power is to destroy the kingdoms roots and plant some new ones...

    All this was happening whilst the ruling Queen had fallen pregnant to twin sisters, for their safety they were given up once they were old enough to a secret guide, one which trains the upcoming royalty.

    Stolen from their room at the age of 6, they were placed in an orphanage, later adopted by abusive parents, treating them not as their own but as if they were bought slaves.

    How will the dark and corrupted force destroy the kingdom and make it their own, when two key girls still roam the streets undetected...?

    That is all I can say without ruining it all..

    As provided above, we are looking for more than just Voice Actors, which is something that you can apply for here:

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