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Ron Mac Cormie's Previously Completed Works

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    About A Postcard to O (Wattpad, Youtube)

    -The Experiment

        This is a multimedia project which will be produced as an internet serial in writing and video. It will be primarily produced on Youtube and Wattpad.

        Ideally, these resources will be used in collaboration to create a series that can be followed on many platforms for maximum accessibility by an audience as well as creators.

    -The Premise

        David Halloran, down on his luck and without a home or job, is contacted by a childhood sweetheart and ex-girlfriend Ophelia McLeod with the prospects of living together in a new relationship. Of course, there's a catch: David would be living with Ophelia to get her father off her back while she looks for a girlfriend.
        Left with no choice but to move from one bittersweet area of his life to the next, he embarks on a trip to the small town of Warwick, Rhode Island, to set himself straight and chase his dreams of  becoming a signed musical artist. In his shaking hands he holds his life savings, and on his tattered sleeve he wears his heart.

        This work  is an exploration of life and love, focusing in on the crucial point in one's life where they must decide whether or not they're willing to put in the effort to make it in the world, and the writers would love to do their subject justice. David, Ophelia, and their ensemble cast of prospective lovers are hues found staining everyday life.
        That being said, this story is filled to the brim with situational humor and poignant summaries of various aspects of the human condition. It acts as a portal into the world of the dramatic, coming-of-age period that everyone must unfortunately face.

    -On Content and Character

        This story will feature discussions on some rather heavy topics. Actors are encouraged to step outside their comfort zones and experiment with aspects of themselves to lend substance and texture to their character. Creativity is necessary for this project, and auditioners shouldn’t be afraid to express their past experiences through these roles.


        Please note that neither the writers nor the directors wish to disclose too much about the content explicitly featured in the series. Actors will be expected to keep oncoming chapters of the work confidential between recording and release.

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold