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    About A Party To Die For( Cast Calling)

    This is a horror, romance, and a series that will keep you at the edge of your seat. 

        Starts with a young girl Alex who gets invited to the most cursed family's son birthday party. She meets friends and realized she had a crush on the cursed boy. Little did she know her old boyfriend was stalking her. Everyone was having a great time until the clock struck 12'oclock. That's when things started to get strange. This will be animated in MMD, and I'll need some ages ranges 12-30 since of mild swearing and gore.

    You also need skype. :P

    (I already uploaded this on youtube and you can see what to charcters look like and personalities since I don't have the direct copy with me.)

    Alex-(15) She is a sweet ,but two faced girl. She acts like a Coodere and is always seen alone at times ,but she is friends with Rachel.She also has a crush on Josh Grey.
    Voice-Almost monotone but also enthusiastic(Taken)(lmao it's actually based off of my own voice irl)
    Mizuki-(16)She is caring and a mother like friend who is fairly close to Josh.She is also the lover of Kuro.
    Voice- calm and smoothing 
    Gilbert-(18) The cousin of Josh and older brother of Mike.He is a quiet a loner. And the total opposite of his brother Mike.
    Voice-a deep voice that isn't very raspy
    Eddie-(18) A short ,kind girl who knows how to have fun. She gets mad at people who makes fun of her name.
    Voice-A bubbly voice that has a tone of calmness (Taken)
    Taylor-(16) A girl that has an attitude. If you make fun of her,you'll die(jk).She's actually very kind once you get to know her ,but leave her in a room with Chase.There will be a fight.
    Voice-has confidence and seriousness(?)
    Kuro-(17)A smart boy who has his life set up for him and his "friend" Mizuki. He is a quiet and shy boy who is outgoing only around friends.
    Voice-sweet but a serious voice
    Mat-(17)- He is Alex's ex-boyfriend who is still in love with her.He is a mysterious and violent boy.
    Voice- hoarsed/raspy voice that sounds a bit creepy
    Rena-(15)She is a smart, talented girl. She hangs around Chase not and knows how to deal with her. She is also outgoing,bubbly girl with a lot of personality.
    Voice-child like with a calm tone
    Mike-(18) The other cousin of Josh and is a twin of Gilbert.He is more social compared to his brother and is a creative boy. 
    Voice- almost like Kaoru from OHSHC
    Chase-(16) The fun, trickster girl. She is an old friend of Josh. She loves plating games,but always need sleep.She also knows when to stop the games and be serious.
    Voice-loud ,but somehow quiet(almost drowsy)
    Josh Grey-(16)He is the most mysterious guy in school. But he also the most popular, only cause of his looks and family name.He is the crush of Alex.
    Voice- almost like Sage Wainwrights Production/raspy 

    Supporting Characters(not shown)
    Rachel-(16) The best friend of Alex who is intelligent. She is always concerned for Alex.
    Voice- almost soft but is very strong
    Line(s)-"You know the Grey's are trouble.You shouldn't go."
    Antonio-He is a butler of Josh Grey. Not much is known about him.
    Voice-a down to earth (calm)
    Line(s)-"Oh, Touko,he's fine.His head is just bleeding."
    Micheal-Another butler of Josh.
    Voice-deep voice
    Karen Grey(Madelyn Grey Ghost)-The other cousin of Josh.She loves to play a little joke.
    Voice-a happy going tone with a English accent
    Line(s)-"I'm not really sure why I can here in the first place."
    Arthur Grey-Father of Josh Grey.
    Voice- A very dead serious voice
    Line(s)-"You are fired.You are a lazy,dirty pig.Get out!"
    Dwight Fredrick-Father of Mat Fredrick.
    Voice-A deep dead tone voice
    Line(s)-"It's your father's fault you're in this mess.You should be great you're not dead yet."
    Sal-Parther of Dwight.
    Voice-a mischievous tone
    Line(s)-"We can first kill the girl.But we need to use the boy."
    Police1 and Police 2
    Line(s)-Police 1- "Put your hands in the air. You are under arrest."
    Police 2-"Stop what you're doing and put your hands up."

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