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About A God's Trust(Official Casting Call)

A God's Trust
comic/manga series created by: (Me)Fang Kurokumura (or known on CCC as FangTheBrave)

A God’s Trust is a comic/manga series

Based in a world called Maverizik and focused around a god

Name Fang, This series will give you can inside look on

This world and it’s characters.

This will be a comic/manga that when a page is finished will be posted

to my DA and if that does well will possibly be put on Webtoon,

But before its uploaded to DA, i will get people

to read the lines of the characters they auditioned for (as that character)

and then essentially dubbing the comic/manga then i will edit it all together

in a video and post it to my YouTube. This series WILL last and take a long time so please be in for a very long ride.

One main thing i ask for before you audition is to please have a clear Mic

with no background noises, thank you. <3

Since this project will take a while feel free to work on other projects, i will

just hit you up when i need lines. ^-^

I will need you to have one of these three ways of communication, Skype,Discord(i use the most),or email.So if you get the role i will ask you for one of these and we can communicate that way!


This project is rated T for teen as it has gore,violence,mild language,sometimes crude topics, and dark humor.


Maverizik Website:

(best viewed on a computer)

Skype: fangthebrave

Discord: Fang Kurokumura#8458



If you have any questions feel free to ask!



CAST(so far):

JimmySherwood as Caine Baskerville


If your coming from my previous casting call for this and/or have

already auditioned, you DO NOT have to re-audition i have you written

down already!

(This does not mean you can't re-audition though)

Pre-casting call:

(you can see i reference voices from anime's and stuff, it helps me better

explain the voice i am looking for as i find it hard to explain voice types sometimes)

- Fang


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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold