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    About The Future is Now- MMD Modelers, Animators and voice actors needed! (Closed... for now)


    An original (Hopefully, I don't THINK I'm copying anyone) idea, this is gonna be a show that takes place in the future when instead of having wars or fights, everyone fights with games instead.  However, it's only a short way into the future from the wars, so there are still a lot of problems working themselves out. (Still has some dark themes, but is also a comedy.)

    I'm gonna be looking for voice actors.  I will be writing the script and possibly voice acting myself.

    There will also probably be songs in it, so if you can't sing well, let me know and I'll incorporate it into your singing.  (lol In other words YOU CAN'T ESCAPE ME.  IF YOU SAY YOU CAN'T SING I WILL JUST GIVE YOU A PART WHERE YOU HAVE TO SING IN THE SHOW, AND ALL THE CHARACTERS LAUGH AT YOU.)  Or I'll judge your singing and be like 'you aren't a bad singer, stop lying.'

    (Date is far away because I have a lot of things going on and I can't take care of this all the time, plus there's people who miss out on things when they could do amazing on them)

    Update- Date was moved closer because I'm constantly checking this anyways and if there's a part I still need filled I'll just push the date back more.

    (I'll do my own art on all the characters here when I get the chance)

    (BTW, None of these are final titles for it.  I'm just calling the project Glyph for now because I was just randomly thinking "Game Life..  GuhLife....  Glife... Glyph."  XD

    Update- Is 'The Future Game' a better name?

    Update- Name suggested- 'The Future is Now'

    If you have a personality that doesn't fit any of these characters, but still want to try out, comment or ask me somehow and I'll create one.  None of the script is finalized yet, so that's a possibility for awhile.

    Oh, right, if this gets to be popular enough, than we'll probably do like fan calls and stuff.  Ask your favorite character, whatever.  Although, I doubt it will get that popular.  XD

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold