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    About The Bee Keeper's Log: A D&D Podcast

    We will accept you, so long as you have something to contribute, like if you think you're interesting enough for an improv, choose-your-own-adventure story telling group podcast (which is what this D&D thing is kinda gonna be) and you have an open mind!

    I highly recommend you start watching D&D podcasts if you haven't already. I recommend Critical Roll and/or The Adventure Zone.
    Now once you're eased in and are interested to start learning how it's done, here's the
     I also know of a sort of "Intro to D&D" series, which you can watch here!
    WARNING: If you're easily scared off by kinda complicated stuff and rules, just stick to listening to a podcast (at least until you're comfortable and familiar with the concepts, then I think you can jump into that rule book thing and watch the series.)

    Hi there! I'm Paco! And I'm starting a Dungeons and Dragons Live Play Podcast! It'll have music and will be semi animated!

    So here's the deal, I am posting this on CastingCall.Club because I'd like this project to feel very alive, and having VA's actually (voice)-act out the scenes seems very cool (as seen in Critical Roll: A D&D Podcast played by Voice Actors! It is indeed very colorful and interesting to listen to).

    Now, not to exclude non-VAs, but I just want to put together a very lively group of players that nicely play together, and this seems like an okay place to start looking!

    Anyway enough of the intro, let's get into the specs and stuff!

    The Bee Keeper's Log: A D&D Podcast

    General Game Specs:
    5th Edition.
    Homebrew is generally discouraged, but if it fits and isn't too game breaking, we should allow it.

    For when we'll be playing, it'll depend on the group, but it'll most likely be done on Saturdays (6 am -ish for the west, 3 pm -ish for the middle/europe, and 11 pm -ish for the east... maybe. Again nothing is set yet and it'll depend on the group).

    Have Discord and Roll20 accounts ready cause we're using that.

    Also, this podcasts will be prerecorded with little to mild editing (cutting out dead air and super boring bits).

    As for the actual campaign, it will be a mix of pre-made modules and adventures made from scratch. I may mix them all together, a little something I like to call "Frankenstein-ing": one with its creation from multiple sources, including of my own (I will properly credit where it's due don't worry).

    How to apply and how it works:
    To apply, simply post an audition in whichever role/s you'd like to fill and contribute as! You can apply for multiple roles, but if you're applying for both DM and Player, I may not let you be both. You can state which you think you are better at. As for Behind the scenes work, you can still be a player, as most of the story is handled by the DMs/Writers, so no spoilers. :)

    Rules and what to keep in mind during play:
    For content, I want this to be a somewhat "friendly" podcast. Please try not to curse or swear uber overboard sailor cuss cuss overdrive (people I know may listen to/watch this specifically my parents ;v;) and be respectful of each other's boundaries on how dark or risque the group gets. Priority number one is fun for everyone, and I'd hate to ask someone to leave or if someone leaves because someone made them uncomfortable. But yeah, just be tasteful. Cursing is unavoidable? Question mark?

    The overall tone of the podcast:
    For the tone of the podcast, I think it'll be a mix of serious and fun moments, but with an over all silly vibe to it. Among podcasts already out there, I guess this one will be a mix between Critical Roll (a fairly serious D&D Podcast) and The Adventure Zone (one certainly more on the silly size) with ours leaning towards the later one.

    UPDATE: This Podcast WILL NOT be done in the West Marches Style for our Adventures!

    • If you're unfamiliar with the term, Matthew Colville does a good explanation of it (found here!), but for a brief explanation, instead of your weekly game night with the same 4-7 players all meeting up regularly with the DM,  there is no set group. "Bwaaa?", you may be thinking, but let me explain.

    • Basically, once the world is established, the DM (or in our case, the various DMs) would set plot hooks and such (normal so far ya?), but then, it would be up to the players who are there to decide what they'd like to do and choose who they'd adventure with and when. So it'll be kind of like an ever changing and evolving guild of various parties of players, all contributing to one grand legacy of making the land a better and safer place, one adventure at a time. Now doesn't that sound cool??

    • Okay, you may be thinking: "Wow Paco, that sounds like a horrible, messy, exhausting, time-consuming, messy mess!". Well, that's the beauty of the West Marches style. You do it piece by piece so you don't get overwhelmed. Our DMs will all work together creating the world, and once we're ready, we'll tell the players and it'll be up to them to decide who'll go where and when. One guy missing? It's fine! Just say he's resting somewhere or off on his own. Someone else can join then!

    • Anyway, if even after I boiled it down, it still seems too intimidating, don't worry! We'll play it by ear. (also we may not even do the west marches style and stick with the same 5 players for a while...)

    How we're starting off and what we'll actually do for now:
    For now, we'll have one party with slots of max 5 Player Characters with more players added along once this thing gets going.

    For the Dungeon Masters, for now I'll be accepting a max set of 4 DMs (including myself), but a "usual" 1-2 DMs (one being the Head DM, and the other there to help out a little if needed) in one session/recording (meaning the others will have to sit out. This is mainly to keep things orderly and not too chaotic).

    All the Dungeon Masters work together and take turns DM-ing for the groups. You can kind of flip the script, but for the most part, go with the flow of your players and your fellow DMs (both in sessions and out of sessions).

    Last note:
    Finally, whether it be game rules or just decisions in the session, the DMs have the final say.
    But also, the priority is FUN, so fudging dice is possible, but will not happen often. More likely will the situation just change, like instead of a Total-Party-Kill (everyone dies), something else happens?

    Also if you're wondering why I'm not working on my other project, it's because we lack artists to make the comics to dub over, so here's something you VAs can do in the meantime while I gather artists and/or draw our comics myself (geez)

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