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About Neptunia Fake Cutscenes (working title)

A Day in the Life of Neptune Casting Call:


     Thanks for your interest, I’m rkraiem100. This project will be a 12 episode fan made Youtube video series in the same visual novel style as the Hyperdimension Neptunia video game series. Each episode will likely be between 5-10 minutes long with episodes airing weekly. There is also a smaller mini project I'm working on that is tied into this larger project. I would also prefer voice actors who sound like the original characters.

Bullet Point Summary of the Job:

- This is a unpaid roll. Should I start getting donations on patreon it will be evenly split among the voice actors (I will not take a cut since I'm not doing this for profit).

- This is a (potentially) long term roll as I may make a season 2 and so on depending on how well it goes.

- There aren't a lot of lines per character per episode, probably 20-30 at most although it can go higher.

- There are no hard deadlines. I will usually give you anywhere between 2-3 episodes worth of lines to record at a time and give you a week to do it.



     Please be at least somewhat familiar with the franchise. If you are not at all familiar with the franchise please watch the anime before applying. The anime is 13 episodes long and is available on Funimation's website. Please watch it dubbed for obvious reasons.

The Story:

     The story follows series protagonist Neptune as she runs away from the basilicom (her home) after she makes Histy angrier than ever. She tries going to each of the other 3 nations to see if she can live with them for a while and hijinks ensue. This series doesn't so much have a traditional story with a start, middle, and end, rather it follows neptune in her day to day. Its like real life in that she is just living her life and reacting to changes in her environment on a day to day basis. It concludes with Neptune eventually getting back home after getting stuck in another dimension (as usual). Rather than focusing on the macro story like neptunia usually does, I want to explore the day to day of life in the Neptunia universe.

Who I Am Looking For:



For the moment I am simply looking for 2 people to fill the rolls of Neptune and Noire for a smaller project as a means of testing a few things with the editing in a video that doesn't matter as much. This smaller project will be a 1-2 minute intro for the current primary series on my channel. I need to do this because of I am using a new process to edit this thus I am still ironing out a few bugs in the process. Most of the preproduction stuff is already complete and by this point I am simply fixing up the bugs and writing some of the script. That should take at most a week and I will add more roles immediately after that. I have around 14 rolls planned as of right now with possibly more coming.


Project Staff:

     I am the head producer, editor, writer, story boarder, etc. Pretty much everything except the voice work. I do occasionally consult some friends online and IRL for some help with the story and script

About Me:

     I am a small Youtuber with just under 800 subscribers. I’ve been doing Youtube for around 5 years now mostly for fun but I take it very seriously regardless. Currently the primary series on my channel is the Hyperdimension Neptunia Reference Guide which is a series about pointing out all the hidden references in the franchise. Sometime while editing the 2nd episode I realized that it probably wouldn’t be too difficult to create custom dialog in the same style as the game since at its core its simply a static background with characters that move slightly and a text box so why not create a process to copy it and use it to make intros to the series. To make a long story short the original process involved frame by frame copying and pasting in letters to a text box which took months and looked terrible. I used that process for episode 3 of the reference guide but I realized that it is too long of a process to do it for each video. To make another long story short over the past 6 months I created a new process to make it in minutes rather than months using a game engine, facerig, and some clever editing tricks. I had a idea to create a entire series revolving around the custom cutscenes so I started working on a story and thats that.

Scheduled Release:

     I am hoping to have the 1st out of the series by late mid to May although depending on how things go it may take until early June. I plan on releasing episode 1 a week after episode 4 of the reference guide to benefit from the minor popularity of that series (it usually gets me a few hundred views at minimum). After that each episode will air on a weekly basis. I want to complete the entire season 1 before airing any episodes so that way there is no chance of there being delays between episodes and so I can potentially work on season 2 while season 1 is airing.

Contact Info:
Please either contact me here on Casting Call, or email me.
Email: rkraiem100gamingchannel at gmail

Demo Footage (Pre-Alpha State):

About the Creator: rkraiem100

I am a small time Youtuber who needs some voicework for a video series I'm doing.

My channel is rkraiem100

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