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Eyepatch Zeregaki's Previously Completed Works

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    About A Crew Of Eyepatch Zeregaki

    Hello I'm Eyepatch Zeregaki also I'm an anime freak and please understand that I have an  extremely hard time when it comes to picking final people for these kinds of things I'm hoping to have a crew full of a bunch of different people and its actually not going to be called A Crew Of Eyepatch Zeregaki, but I do need help on thinking of a name for this crew. Also please keep a full reminder that I'm tired and I'm doing this when I'm tired and need to go to sleep, but whatever moving on. 

    Rules are simple to follow don't like them don't audition and don't bother to talk bad:

    Rule #1: No Judging People In This Crew

    Fact #1: Izaya Orihara and Tiger Tilldawn are my friends that I've known since child Hood (sorry let me get back on track)

    Rule #2: If you are mean or bullying someone in this crew you will at least have 6 warnings (because I like even numbers also because I want to give you more than 3 chances) then your out

    Rule #3: (This is important and common knowledge and I just want to take in consideration that goes for all my rules) Any Conditions or Hospital things going on and I need to know and if you aren't comfortable with a complete stranger behind a screen then I will make this rule optional

    Rule #4: When I have an announcement to make its going to be either very very important or just hey this is a little reminder remember type deal thing

    Rule #5: If you are white deffinently and there is a person in the group thats black and your being racist you will get 3 final warnings and your out 

    Rule #6: NO RACISM HERE

    Rule #7: If your bi, straight, or even gay no matter what I accept you for who you are so you can be ease at that because I'm bi 

    Rule #8: If your in an rp and your a VA please remember that if you play a certain character you may be continually be that same character when they come into play for a rp 

    Rule #9: This isn't a paid Crew so if your hoping to get paid please move along I don't have money nor a job so so sorry in advance for people who do join my crew

    Rule #10: Don't change to someone your not just because I'm a complete stranger behind a screen please keep being yourself I don't judge solemnly swear cross my heart hope to die I'm not lying

    Rule #11: Breaks will be like in the half of when we are working on the rp's together

    Rule #12: Cause I want you to be able to have free time at some point

    Fact #2 : I'm not doing this as a prank or a joke I'm serious till the day I die about this and I truly mean it I want to start a Crew

    Rule #13: Have as much fun as possible 

    Fact #3: If your anti-social I understand you so don't be afraid to talk to me about anything

    Rule #14: If you have any questions about this crew or any questions about an RP taking place then I would love love love to help you with any questions you have, but this is optional

    Rule #15: Try to at least keep contact everyday if your not able to everyday I completely understand at least try to be on everyday again if you aren't able to be on everyday its fine

    Thanks so much for this to even be an opportunity also any social media to talk to me is about things is needed I honestly prefer Hangouts but I can work with discord as well if need be. Another thing before I close this explanation off I just want to say Thank you so much for understanding I am not able to pay you.

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold