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    About A Certain Magical Index Light Novel Audiobooks

    Hello You!

    So what’s this project about?

    In short, one of the things we see fans longing for on the internet the most is for JC Staff to finally announce a third season for A Certain Magical Index and A Certain Scientific Railgun. Hell, while you're at it, we wouldn't mind a first season of A Certain Scientific Accelerator either.

    But as time marches on, the hope for another season grows fainter. So a couple of us had a thought: Why not just do the remainder of the series ourselves? Naturally we can't produce several 24-episode anime series or replicate the awesome voice talent for these characters, but what we can do is provide a way for fans of the series who want to see what happens next to experience it in some way. Mostly for those who are too lazy to read.

    This project is about doing audiobooks based on the Light Novel series for A Certain Magical Index. I’m looking for a couple of narrators who can rotate (so as not to take up all of their time) and narrate the series. We’ll be releasing them in parts periodically so people can listen to them on the train or a plane or even whilst doing homework.

    This project will also be adapting the Light Novels to fit with the dubbed series. For instance, Last Order in the Light Novels speaks differently than she does in the dubbed series. In the Light Novels, she would finish her sentence with "Says Misaka as Misaka" insert whatever it is she is doing while in the anime she says her name twice before describing what she is doing. We will stick to what FUNimation changed in the dubbed series.

    We will be starting with Volume 14, The Document of Constantine, because...well because everybody already knows what happened up until that point. So we will be starting with volume 14 and working our way through the series. This is a difficult project to undertake and it is a lot of work for all parties involved. We want to take Touma Kamijou, Mikoto Misaka and Accelerator as far as we can.

    To this end, I believe a roster of 4-5 narrators will suffice as a good starting point, though I hope to add more on later. Be reminded that if you want to audition, be sure you have a wide range. I don’t expect anybody to sound like the English cast does, but I do expect people to be able to copy their personalities which is something all voice actors should be good at.  A good vocal range is key!

    We’ll be doing the first novel as a test and see what the response is to that, though I hope this will become a long term project, though since the narrators rotate parts and volumes, you aren’t obliged to stay with this project until it’s finished (which will hopefully be a long time given how much material there is to get through. This is foremost an experiment and the format may change in future, but for now, it is what it is.

    But who am I and why should you trust that I’ll stick by this project? Well I am currently producing two FULL fandubs, the first of which is up to EP4 and has garnered over 600000 views in total just this year. I am professional and determined. Need more convincing, then just out some of my past work:




    Audition requirements

    • Should be sent to [redacted].

    • Please make sure the auditions are .mp3 or .wav format

    • Please save the lines as "yourname.mp3"

    • Please if you have one, send a demo reel too so I can easily see your range in action. Not obligated, but it would REALLY help.

    • You can zip your files if you like.

    • Mic Quality: Good quality - and fully functioning. No static, background noise or clutter.

    • If you want your name associated with this project, give a name to add to the credits or not if you’re shy or embarrassed. A pseudonym will do too.


    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold