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    About The Vision's Gift: animated short film

    i'm am looking for voice actor to play some roles in my upcoming multiple episodes animated film.  There will be multiple male and female roles. I would like if the character have a real life types of voices. the story that i'm making is going to be an supernatural school/ drama/action short film. I will be using programs such as iclone6 , character creator, mixamo, fuse, etc.

    After all the characters are cast I will send the script to the cast and picture of the characters they will be playing. I will then make deadlines for when each scene will be completed. After the project is finished I will post the video on YouTube with everyone's name in the credits. This project will take roughly about one month or two to complete with touch ups and everything. But during that time I will send you guys updates when requested or every week or two on Ccc site or YouTube.

    some of the main role that will be up for audition are:

    • -main male character: Max Foster
    • 17 year old american teen who in the start of the the short film is getting bullied by some of his classmates. He has a timed personality and is a introvert. he's weak. He is actually a type a being who is called the vision-er.  He is last of his kind. Max has a abilities to see  creatures that are hiding in people souls. He also can see the past of objects and people by touch them/it and can see pieces of the future in his dreams. 

    1. main female character: Maze Ward
    2. 17 year old american teen who group up with no family because they where murdered trying to protect the last Vision-er. Because of this she had to grow up fast. She ended up being raised up by her older brother and trained by him as a guardian of the vision-er.

    • Antagonist and Maze Brother: Keen Ward
    • 27 years old. Raised his sister Maze because of their parents death.  he is a guardian of the vision-er. He is also part of a group who hunts down vision-er. he is part of the group because he blames the vision-er for his parents death. He appears to be kind to everyone but he is actually merciless to people but his sister. His sister doesn't know that he trying to kill vision-ers.

    • (you can add your own idea or this character personality for the characters down below if it doesn't fit for the character i will try to give you a next role.)
    • doctor/nurse
    • parents
    • policemen
    • teachers
    • students
    • main character best friends:(female/male)
    • bullies(Male/female) 
    • anti-guardians

    • (actors can have multiple role if they sound different)

    • if you have any question please contact me 

    • once you get your role I will send pictures for the character model that you will be playing and the script.

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold