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Firefly's Previously Completed Works

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About Two Male VA's Needed for Hidden and Death List II

Hello! So I am in need of Two replacement male voice actors. Two of my previous male VA's disappeared on me. With no explination, and they missed the deadline. They are for two seperate Series. Let me give you detail on each:

First Series: Hidden --

Arber and Christine are twins. Identical twins to be exactand they look so alike that not even their family can tellthem apart. They have learned to mimic each other’sactions. They live with their aunt, uncle, and cousin whohappens to be autistic due to the fact that their mother hasbeen schizophrenic since they were born and their fatherdied in a car accident. They often switch places to helpeach other out such as with class work or just for fun. Theyare inseparable and very close. However, that changeswhen one night they are at a carnival and Christine goesmissing. Nobody knows what happened to her or where shewent. The plot twist? She must search in orderto try to find clues in order to find her sister and why she ismissing. She lies to everyone. She lies to the cops, her friendswith benefits Kyler, and even her sister’s old best friendRachel. They all believe that Arber is the one missing andChristine is the one at home. Arber must find out how to findher sister before people find out who she really is and shemust do it fast, otherwise everyone might find out who this“Christine” really is after all.

The Male character I need for this is Kyler. Episode 1 is on my channel, if you'd like to see the first episode. It is called Hidden - Chapter 1

Second, Sims 2 Movie - Death List II - Being Entered into a SIFF (Sims Film Festival) Competition, which will gain you tons of exposure! ---

Death List is a horror film continuation of my first one. You can click the link to my channel to skim through the first one! This features a whole new set of characters who visit a haunted house in search of a fun night. However, this night turns deadly when a few in the group play with a Ouija board. Demonic experiences occur and the group must figure out how to stop it. Before it is too late. Rivals return, friendships are lost, and hostility burns in this haunting sequel to the first Death List.

In this, I am casting for the Character Geo. Please visit my youtube link below for more information or read the character info and audition! Thank you so much for your time. Please comment your email or message me your email if you auditioned. If you prefer to email me your email, please send it here: [redacted]

That way it is easier to contact you if casted. 

The deadline for auditions is so soon because I am already extremely behind due to my male voice actors randomly disappearing. So please, bear with me.

Death List II is a one time debut. Hidden is a continuing series that will last until next year, most likely. Please make sure you can stay commited. 

My channel is: http://youtube.com/ewitsjanelle


About the Creator: Firefly

My name is Raven and I'm a sims 2 director and voice actress. I am experienced on both sides of the machinima process. I hope to work with you someday. If I work with you, I prefer to be credited as Firefly or RavenFirefly. Not Whitefeather. This was my old youtube name. xx

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold