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    About [18+] 'Wine of Velen' An Erotic Witcher Animated Series.


    Hello, everyone!

    I was recommended this site by a voice actress I have worked with previously, when I discussed with her that I need more voices for this particular project.

    *Message me on here if you wish to audition.

    About Me:

    I am a 3D artist who and producer on making pornographic animations, predominantly of existing video-game characters (in a niche collectively referred to as "rule34", in reference to "Rule 34: If it exists, there is porn of it.").

    I have been making pornographic animations for about five years now, in the Source Filmmaker (SFM), and as such, I am one of the earliest SFM pornographic artists, as well as one of the most prolific and well-known.

    About the voice fitting:

    Obviously, the fact I am trying to fit characters from an established universe, with an established voice, raises some complications. So let me alleviate any reservations that may be present by saying that I am not terribly picky when it comes to the voice. As long as the tone, timbre, and accent are consistent. 

    Wine of Velen is a fully voiced and animated pornographic series I am doing, based in The Witcher universe. Each episode is planned to be 5-to-10 minutes in length, with a roughly equal balance of pornographic content and forward-moving narrative per episode. I plan to release an episode at the end of every month, and so the ideal voice candidate would be available for a few days of discussing and recording in the middle of each month.

    For those familiar with the The Witcher series, Wine of Velen takes place shortly after Geralt (The Witcher) located his daugher, Ciri.  This series will explore the relationship Ciri has with the other female figures in her life after being found and saved by Geralt.

    About the character roles:

    As I have mentioned a few times before, Wine of Velen is a pornographic series, and as such, the characters I am looking to voice will be involved in pornographic roles. If you aren't comfortable with voicing pornography, then I'm afraid that this series isn't for you - sex is an integral part of the story, and even what secondary characters and extras are written all have sexual roles to play.

    The sex is all different stripes and shades, spanning anything from the classic boy/girl pairing and girl/girl pairing.

    At this point, I do have a particular need to eliminate any ambiguity and make this perfectly clear: all sex in 'Wine of Velen' is entirely consensual - there is ABSOLUTELY NO RAPE / "NON-CON" in this series. I feel it important to make this perfectly clear, because some people mix up fetish sex, such as bondage, gangbangs, and rough sex, with non-con. That is absolutely not the case here - all fetish sex is done entirely with the consent of all active participants.

    That being said, allow me to make a quick check-list of the things that this series will involve, sexually, and as such an ideal voice candidate should be comfortable performing:

    - Classic boy/girl sex (oral, vaginal, anal)

    - Classic girl/girl sex

    - Group sex (fmm, ffm, ffmm, etc)

    - Light bondage play (things like handcuffs, dog collars, rope/chain suspension)

    - Dominance and submission (dominant female and submission female both)

    Additionally, the ideal voice candidate should be comfortable with delivering "lewd" lines, otherwise known as dirty talk.

    If you are interested, but are not comfortable auditioning in a public, "professional" forum like this, don't worry, we can use an alias in place of your usual name here, if you're not comfortable with work like this being tied to your usual name. Aliases in this kind of work are extremely common.

    About payment:

    I want to make it perfectly clear that this is a paid, recurring role. The general mode that I operate for voiced works is payment on a per-minute-of-audio system, but I am up to negotiating that As it is right now, the proposed $50 for the character roles is a $50-per-minute-of-audio, which translates to $250-$500 per episode right now. Prices are negotiable.

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold