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    About 137 Production: an [email protected]: Cinderella Girls project

    Welcome to 137 Production!
    What is this project? Well it’s exactly what you think it is. It’s an [redacted] voice acting group that will include singing, because it wouldn’t be an actual [redacted] project without it. Now, the only thing different about this and [redacted] dubbing is that the story line is COMPLETELY fake and does not follow the actual story line that the games follow. Everything is made up and will follow the generic guideline of the game’s story.

    introduction →training → debut → life as an idol → stage performances → idol activities

    The timeline above is the basic ideas of the [redacted] game series; followed up with character development and etc. The only hard part about this is that the character’s that we choose won’t have much information about them, so a lot of the things that will be written is, of course, going to be made up/fake.

    I do plan to make the recordings into videos using a simple Visual Novel concept to mimic a real game. (An example of this would be an OLD [redacted] chorus I had ran before YT Red was implemented).

    Like mentioned before, covering will be included in the package but it is still optional. (Here we can see another lovely example of what I mean). Again, singing/covering is a main part of the series, since these are idols that we’re talking about. Although, this is mainly focused on voice acting, those who can and will sing are going to be “main characters” while those who just voice act will be considered “supporting characters”.  There is no cast limit, so I will be accepting a lot of people, but understand that if you have less work than others that is not because of your skills as a Voice Actor, it is probably because of what role your assigned character is.

    137 Productions is based on

    the [redacted]: CINDERELLA GIRLS

    Basic Rules & Requirements

    These rules apply to both voice actors/singers unless stated.

    • Be active and communicate well!

    • Good and clear microphones will be needed.

    • You are required to have a discord account.

    • Be willing to redo any lines needed for any reason.

    • You need to keep me updated at all times. If you don't sufficiently keep me updated then you will receive a strike. Two strikes and you will be removed(or)replaced.

    • Characters will be assigned after be accepted. Please do not throw a fit over whatever character you are given.

    • When it comes to Voice Acting, I will be directing each person in a 1 on 1 call on how I would like them to say their lines, so you must be able to handle critique and criticism well and open mindedly.

    • Voice acting is all in ENGLISH, so decent-good pronunciation will be need if voice acting. (accents allowed)

    • Voice acting is NOT optional, so you cannot join as just a singer.

    • For voice acting, I would prefer it if you used your natural voice/tone, especially if you chose to sing as well.

    • Singing will be in Japanese, so decent-good pronunciation will be needed if singing. (accents allowed)

    • Covers cannot be older than 3-4 months and should not be ones where you have a lot of heavy effects done to your vocals.

      • Must have at least 1 minute of your vocals. Duets/trio covers are ok.

      • Sending raws are okay as well.

    I will be looking for a male to voice act the producer, to give this a little bit more fun than the original!

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold