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Allieactress's Previously Completed Works

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About 1001 Nights (A Team StarKid Cover)

Hello fellow singers! 

Twisted is my favorite Team StarKid show and I have wanted to do a cover of this song for a while now. I am looking for someone to be the Jafar to my Schahrazad. If you are not familiar with this show or team StarKid I highly suggest you check them out on YouTube, they are hilarious!

For those not familiar with this musical here is a synopsis. Twisted is a parody of Disney movies and Wicked. It takes the tale of Aladdin and makes it's villian, Jafar the hero, Aladdin in turn gets switched around to the bad guy. It centers around how hard Jafar tries to keep the kingdom of Agrahbah afloat.
This song in particular is where Jafar falls in love, he has a lot of roadblocks in this musical, but this is his song where he gets to be hopeful, vulnerable and free.

Some rules for auditions, no background noise, clear recording and have a Skype or Gmail so I can contact you. Other than that, have fun!
Feel free to contact me with any questions.

About the Creator: allieactress

Allie is a recent graduate of SFSU, she loves all forms of theater. She has worked in many different styles ranging from Avant Garde theater, to musicals, to Voice Over projects. Ever since, she saw her first Disney movie she knew she had always wanted to be a part of VO.

She has studied classical theater at the Royal Academy of Arts for a summer, been in a bilingual musical for Dia De Los Muertos and played in various dramas. Her most recent endevor was working on a children's show in San Francisco. On Channel 29 she puppeteered and voiced multiple characters for the show Acapella.

Feel free to message Allie and ask her anything, she would be happy to answer. 

Vocal range: F3-C6

Completed Projects:

The Shadow Remastered:

-Character: Eva Colington

Link: Soon to be posted

-Character: Married Woman

Link: https://youtu.be/gYZLx2f4eHI?list=PLCVfw5XyzGqYyyg8mKZ-j2kV0sOU-pzsq

-Character: Misc. Woman

Link: https://youtu.be/5Hoi3Zj1us8?list=PLCVfw5XyzGqYyyg8mKZ-j2kV0sOU-pzsq

Radiofairfax Bedtime Stories:

-Character: Narrator of the tale Ananasi the Spider

Link: To be posted soon

Let It Go Group Cover

Moon Pride Cover:

-Character: Sailor Venus

Link: To be posted soon

Bye Bye Birdie, Telephone Hour Cover:

-Characters: Helen and Penelope Ann

Link: To be posted soon

The Walking Dead Comic Dub:

-Character: Carol

Link: https://youtu.be/gRVPeNDyYx8?list=PLCVfw5XyzGqYyyg8mKZ-j2kV0sOU-pzsq

On Going Projects:

The Cold Heart:

-Character Gina Eleta

Link: https://youtu.be/o7HzHXcKOa0?list=PLCVfw5XyzGqYyyg8mKZ-j2kV0sOU-pzsq

Final Fantasy 7 Project Echo S:

-Characters: Lucrecia Crescent, Shera, Ifalna, Elymyra and Female NPCs

Link: https://youtu.be/7bTUW5YUxo4?list=PLCVfw5XyzGqYyyg8mKZ-j2kV0sOU-pzsq

(Most of these characters come in later on in the series)

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