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    About 1 Male VA needed for Audio Drama - The Stagnant Earth

    A long time ago, humanity was ravaged by a disease that destroyed the minds of nearly eighty percent of the population. The remaining twenty percent had little option but to flee; either trying to make it in the outside world (and failing), or barricading themselves in bunkers and well fortified buildings. They had to get creative of course, but they survived. Barely.

    But that was nearly two hundred years ago. Since then, the world has moved on. People still live below, too terrified off what they have termed ‘The Denizens’, wrathful figures that dominated their childhood nightmare, gatekeepers to an edenic paradise, to ever emerge. But all hope is not lost, frail communities have managed to survive; disparate survivors, tied together by the fact that they’re in radio range of one another. It’s not quite a life, but it’s the best they can hope for.

    'The Stagnant Earth’ follows one such community, a group of survivors living in the 'Novter zone’, for whom everything is about to change. Scarred by the events of their collective, intertwined pasts, and grieving the loss of one of their own, the Novter survivors are not ready for change. Unfortunately, change is ready for them, and it’s arriving in the shape of a rather sheltered boy named Baker.

    The news Baker brings will shock the community to its core, and catalyse changes that its members never thought would be possible.

    The Stagnant Earth is an audio drama with a planned ten episodes, we are about to begin recording the first episode in the next week or so, but there's been a few communication issues with one of the voice actors originally cast, meaning we need to find someone else, preferably before the 13th April, which is when we aim to start recording scenes with this character. 

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold