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    About (NO DEADLINE) Number One Dad Machine

    Welcome to the official “ Number One Dad Machine “ project! This is a 100% free project for the direct, artist sand all other positions. We encourage those to join out of their love for The “ Nightmare Before Christmas “ and voice acting, since there is no payment involved. This is just for all to have fun and I hope you enjoy the project and it’s team!


    What is “ The Number One Dad Machine “?

    “ The Number One Dad Machine “ refers to the model name of the main character, Lockjaw. This story is a completely fan-made story for the fandom for Henry Selick and Tim Burton’s: “ The Nightmare Before Christmas “. I, then director, artist and creator take no credit for the movie’s original creations and in no way am I trying to change them negatively. Any fan-characters and worlds introduced are mine, however they’d would not exist if it weren’t for the original sources. The story will be made up into three main things: A fan fiction/Written version, A comic with Tim Burton inspired visuals, And a storyboard-like “animated” audio drama for YouTube, which Is where all the wonderful Voice Actor’s come in! The story itself is still early in production, though it is being worked upon every day. The written version will more than likely be the first version of the story, so in the meantime, voice actors help with reading: practice, concept or skit scripts to help the character and team alive. 


    Story Rundown

    (Keep in mind, a lot of minor details are left out for the sake of length and changes may be made. This is what is here so far)

    This story takes place a year and a half after the defeat of Oogie Boogie from the original movie. Oogie’s boys; Lock, Shock and Barrel are on the loose making trouble throughout all the town and don’t have anyone to keep them under control/or any form of a parental figure. Almost everybody in the town has had guns trying to control these children, though to no avail. Jack one night gets an idea... If he can’t find the perfect parent, why not MAKE one?

    A small meeting is held between Jack, Sally, the Mayor, Dr. Finkelstine and Igor about Jack’s concepts for an indestructible robot who can convert the trio into welcoming citizens of Halloweentown. After a bit of bribing, Finkelstine accepts the offer and the robot is made between him and Igor.

    Then comes Lockjaw, the robot. He is labeled as “ The Number One Dad Machine “, or “ N1DM “- which is his model name, leading to the name of the project.

    Lockjaw turns out to be a complete clutz. He’s goofy, dramatic and far too innocent for taking on such a big job. Nonetheless, he’s given to the children and it’s needless to say that they despise him, though Lockjaw loves them as best as he can without a real heart. Lockjaw is given a tiny shed built from scratch not too far from the treehouse. Lockjaw isn’t a great example of Halloween either, unluckily enough. He dumpster dives, is a pushover and hardly is scary due mainly to his voice and cheery persona.

    One day, the trio pull a “prank” on Lockjaw, which leads to him being knocked out. They take him in their walking bathtub and throw him in the forest. When he wakes up, he wanders aimlessly, eventually finding the Holiday doors that Jack Skellington himself had. When he sees one in the shape of a heart, he wonders if he can learn to have his kids love him and be able to love them back with a real heart.

    Lockjaw ends up in the world of love, ValentinesVille. The culture is fancy and small town like, most angels and pixies are either British English or French. Lockjaw falls in love with this place after being taken care of by two angel sisters, Angelina ( Mayor of ValentinesVille and her younger sister, who is a shutin by Angelina’s demand ), Charity. Charity is a blunt, rude but caring blonde who usually just tinkers around with things inside the house, since Angelina is too afraid to have her leave because Charity has a couple of mental issues. Angelina is sweet and tries to convince Lockjaw that their world is the best, most pleasant thing ever.

    After meeting the King and Queen, Cupid and Psyche, he becomes friends with them. Lockjaw visits the place more often than not, and one day, requests to stay there permanently to become an angel, seeing as no one in his hometown appreciates him.

    This is the second part of the story where lockjaw stays in ValentinesVille, meeting several characters and creating side stories for them, while also unaware that Lock, Shock and Barrel are working with Oogie’s shadow from beyond the grave to manipulate the town and blame it on Lockjaw attempting to turn the town into Halloween or his own corrupted version of Valentines Day. He is also unaware that the shadow he befriended back at home, was Oogie himself, manipulating him while hiding his true identity.

    Lockjaw is eventually banned from ValentinesVille, and goes on a raging rampage. The shadow Oogie at home tells him to take revenge, eventually convincing him to...

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold