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Fiddlesticks Revamp (Overlay and Reverb)

Even More Spooks and Kooks!

The First Flame

A short introduction to The First Flame. Recorded and Edited By NTG/Official Mimic.

2020 Commercial Demo Reel

Right There On The Tin.

Fiddlesticks Revamp (No editing)

Spooks and Kooks Galore!

  • @miguelmayhem

    Mimic is extremely good at his job. Like, EXTREMELY good at his job. He's able to do almost any voice you can think of, hence his name, Mimic. He's also extremely helpful and hardworking. He works super efficiently, I've seen him submit lines to directors in less than an hour of them sending him a script, and the directors have loved it. Having worked alongside him for about six months now, I've become good friends with him, and almost everyone I know knows the saying: "Why have a male cast, when you could just cast a Mimic?"