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    Opera Singing
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Zach Walz is an American voice-over artist, specializing in Audiobook Narration and Animation. His YouTube channel features audiobook productions of short stories, poems, and other classroom literature. 

He currently is studying vocal music education at the University of Northern Colorado. Zach offers talent, professionalism, devotion, and an easy-to-work-with personality with every project. During the school year, he will only be able to work on weekends. Any tracks made will be delivered that same weekend. Outside of the school year, Zach will work on a daily basis.

YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChGEtNVfWUuT1nrePC41aOg?view_as=subscriber

WEBSITE: zchwalz.wixsite.com/entertainment


Usually depends on the budget. I'm willing to work something out if necessary.


Jake Ocean; Bonkile Productions

Antonio Bushell and Tottionna Bushell; BushellMedia Films


Kyle Souza

Faith Miller; Aspiringsinger15



School Desk Inc.

Ryan Sequin

Genesis Lewison

Aron Allen; Oh!SewCool Productions

Zachary Sokol


"Zach Walz is a great voice actor, from a wide range of voices and great acting skills to professionalism and great audio quality, he has them all. He defintley brings a lot to a character just from his incredible, sweeping voice, and shines in whatever character he plays as in his variety of unique characters he can voice, of all kinds and styles." - Jake Ocean; Bonkile Productions

"Zach's work ethic is nothing short of incredible! He is certainly a talented individual. Not only did he get his lines in exceptionally quick but also displayed a great range of emotion that made any changes or fixes unnecessary. As stated before, he is a talented individual." Kyle Souza

"Mr. Walz is an amazing voice actor! As a recurring voice in our web show we have been fully satisfied with his professionalism and look forward to seeing him go farther in his career." - Tottionna Bushell; BushellMedia Films

We are all very grateful for [Zach's] time and effort towards voice acting for the lead role of this fan film. [He] finished every single line flawlessly and professionally. We also greatly appreciate the speed of which [he] submitted the files. -  Aron Allen; Oh!SewCool Productions

Casting Calls and Auditons

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