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YUME LEE | she/her | 20 | italian
Who am I? — I'm an italian girl who truely loves to sing. I started learning by myself at the age of 8 and since then I've been studying hard to improve myself. I don't think I'm that much of a singer, and I believe that I have so much to learn, but I still enjoy to sing. ☆
What do I like? — ... well, there's tons of things I do like. lol For example kpop, or anime and manga, playing SIF, singing... even walking, or sleeping, or eating... I really like lots of things! ☆ 
Which language do I usually sing? — Actually I can speak fluently three language: italian (my mothertongue), english and french. But I rather sing in korean and japanese~ Sometimes I try to adapt lyrics in italian, and I don't dislike singing in english too, so I accept projects in these four languages, nothing more. ☆

• Do I have experience with group projects? — Well, yes. I was in two cover group + an amateur idol group, but I left all of them because I didn't get along with the members, since they didn't show that much of interest. But actually I keep doing collaborations with other coverists, so I think I can say that I have a loooot of experience with co-projects. ♡

• Which social platform I mostly use to communicate with others? — I tend to use Skype most of the time and/or Discord, but I also use Facebook or Twitter, nothing more. 

• What I do as an actor? — Most of the time, I only sing (it's the only thing I'm sure I can do, lol), but I'm actually trying to improve my rap skills~ Usually I don't do any fandub/voice acting, but I think it'll be fun if I try something new! ☆

Hope we have fun together! ( ੭ु´ ・∀ ・`) ु


I'm here just for fun, but if there are paid projects I would like to submit, I accept any payment, but it has to be the right prices for the roles I took.



Kagayaku☆Hoshii (disbanded)
-- main vocal for Eli Ayase

TOKOKORO (active)
-- main vocalist

INCOGNITA X (active)
-- main vocalist

• shøsvlis (hiatus)
-- main vocal for Rui Aiba

• an IDOLiSH7 group that doesn't have a name yet (hiatus)
-- main vocal for Sogo Osaka

Komeria (hiatus)
-- main vocal for Hikaru

Prism (active)
-- voice for Misao Yamada (Umi & Riko roles)

The Language of Flowers (active)
-- voice for Dahlia + mixer


Casting Calls and Auditons

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