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The girl next door, the executive on the run, or the evil empress of the underworld. All of these characters and more are part of the repertoire of commercial and character voiceover artist Tara Langella. An experienced and versatile professional, her voice can also be fun, playful and edgy showcasing a flexibility and range to bring your commercial or animated project to life.


Pricing is dependent upon the scope of the project and budget.


Crave Me-Audiobook

Pelagios-Evianna Pala
Pyscho-Pass 2 Redux-Chief Kasei
Orthrus Studios-Distant Kingdoms
Square Media-Ungodly
Revival Productions-Overload

Tricolor Star-
Dragon Sorceress 
Super Galaxy Elise
Headhunter Caitlyn
Lunar Reval Caitlyn

MinMax Games-SPAZ 2
Ravengate-Yngren, Hala
Underdog Entertainment
Oncology TV
MAC Cosmetics
Herbal Cowgirl
The Anti-Violence Project
DA Creative
The Healthy Horse
Fisher Investments


"Tara is a rising star with a dynamic and versatile voice suitable for almost any type of voiceover. Easily pivoting from conversational girl next door to evil ice queen, with everything from corporate to commercial to warm and believable in between, Tara's skill and attention to detail will make your project stand out above the crowd."
-J. Michael Collins, Award-Winning Voiceover Artist and Producer

"Tara has one of those unique voices that is thoroughly memorable, yet so versatile it will completely embody the story of your brand. She has the ability to command absolute authority, which is very rare to find in this current market, but can also deliver casual and fun with the flick of a switch. She has a true understanding of branding, takes direction well and is a joy to work with."
-Daniel Azarian, Underdog Entertainment

"Tara is a consummate professional that brings life and vitality to every project she voices. She connects with listeners and keeps them engaged. She is a natural talent."
-Christine Jennings, Bluemercury

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