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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

My natural voice is smooth, youthful, and feminine. I've grown up in many places so my accent is not authentically regional but a North American blend. I have minor in Theatre and a few acting courses within that curriculum. 

Please let me know if I accidentally signed up for a character who will do these things.

1) Erotic/sexual/pornographic content

2) Summoning/curses/seances/demons

3) Liberal use of expletives or high-grade curse words

Other than that, if I have auditioned for you, I am interested in your project, and I am very selective about which projects I think are worth the effort.

Thank you


A small casting fee for 2 months on the project, after original cast has been hired and the first script is given.

You may be thinking,"I don't have the budget for that!" or "My project won't be finished in 2 months!"

I get it. I really do. Who would take on potentially 320 hours of work for a small fee? Broke people, like us! Don't worry, It's getting put to good use,
to fund my mid-range microphone.
to fund my relevant voice accessories.
to justify hours of time on a shared computer.
to learn all I can to make the quality on your final product sound flawless!

I assure you I crank out my lines fast; sometimes within a 3 day turnaround.
That leaves you PLENTY of time to get lines from the rest of the cast, give feedback request re-recording, coordinate a drop/countdown on social media, etc. Remember: You do not have to be finished with your project in 2 months. My characters however, should be completed.

This fee will demonstrate your commitment and professionalism. That you won't:

use ideas from improvised lines, then go to 'an actor offsite'
revive an inactive project from months ago expecting full dedication
keep the cast waiting for their scripts
spend more time hiring and firing voice talent than doing the project
expect the utmost seriousness for an indefinitely long project FOR FREE

So how much is the fee? $10 for 2 months of my voice with your project. $5 for every month after that. And yes, I use Paypal. Thank you for your time.

Feel free to contact me with questions and payment plans.






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