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Hi, I'm spice/Julie and sometimes I sing and voice act.  Musical, video game, and idol trash. I'm a 19 year old female who has been voice acting  and singing amateurly for 6+ years now. Doing this is truly a passion of mine. Feel free to take a listen to my voice sometime, I'd really appreciate it! ;v;


Never been paid before, but it'd definitely be nice!

Update: Was paid $10 to be in a movie by UtuberSquad titled "Instant Karma", playing the role of Daisha. 

If you really would like to pay me, I will take anything you will offer. Thank you so much!


past: adhdgonewild7/Wild Card Productions (Lucy/Nyuu in Elfen Lied Abridged), Avacello/Creng (Undyne/Frisk/Narrator in Undertale Fandub), Renziku, JChip (Original Headmistress Sakuya in Absolute Duo Abridged, Rito Tsukimi/Professor BunBun in Absolute Duo Abridged, Extras in Little Witch Academia/Nekopara Abridged), ManicWednesday, Guren (Miku Hatsune in Kurukuru Chorus, among others), TheVioletDevil, DeltaNiwaX, heroes.have.red.eyes (Ayaka Tateyama, Mary Kozakura, Ene, Takane Enomoto, Azami, Momo Kisaragi in undebuted Kagerou Project group/Mekakucity Actors Fandub), DarkAbridgerEX (Original Girly Idols! Umi Sonoda), Nintles (Utsutsuu in Gatchaman Crowds Abridged), Kojie2U, aspiringsinger15 (Female Gavroche in Les Miserables Genderswap Cast Recording), Utubersquad (Yumi/Sissi in Code Lyoko Abridged "Shot" Series), RubyJCat (Macarona in Gray Garden With Voices Series) , Artsythesecond (Extras/Fangirls in Ouran High School Host Club Manga Dub), MintMonsterVA (same as former), WindLightHub (Weiss Schnee in RWBY Fandub Series), DragonRand100 (Nabooru in Ocarina of Time Audiobook Series), Kat Sunshine (Mari Ohara/Mixer in 18Voices), Angeliccosplay (Christine Canigula in Be More Chill Online Musical), neominister (002 in Darling in the MENT, Extras in Dragon Made)

current: Birsp (Hinata Hyuuga in Naruto Ehhbridged), Casey Negative (Yoshiko Tsushima/Maki Nishikino in Paranorm Chorus, Catherine Williams in Siren's Moon), shisounoticeme (Momo Kisaragi in Mekakucity Actors Fandubs/Comic Dubs/Asks), MintMonsterVA (Extras in Boys' Game), PinkTurtleneck (Chlomaki, Tatsumiya, and Ver Million in Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea Fandub), 1JennyFandubs (Catherine in 8th Day- Vincent's Room Catherine Scene Fandub, Pearl in The Kindergarten Steven Universe Fandub, Asami in Legend of Korra Satomobile Ride Fandub) , cocoacities (Aristaeus "Arista" in Hollow Earth), Houkago Dub Time (Satsuki Matsumae in Hanasaku Iroha Fandub), Sora/starryrabbits (herself in Happy End!, mixer, lyricist), RebeccaWhittenKotori/Riika (Sakura Mizushima/Mixer/Lyricist/Guide Maker in Etherea),  FrostedVoid (Casca in Berserk Mangadub), Fanatic-Chan (Brooke Lohst in Be More Chill Online Virtual Musical, Ensemble in Heathers Online Virtual Musical), Mr. Lanturn (Lilly in Katawa Shoujo Fandub), magic (Yukina Minato and Tomoe Udagawa in Bang Dream Cover Group, Riko Sakurauchi in Love Live! Cover Project), Rachele1220 (Dia Kurosawa in Set Sail Sunshine), notHyu (Yukina Minato in Bang Dream Abridged), sebby (Yoshiko Tsushima & Maki Nishikino in AiSmile), setsunol (Atsuko Koizumi in InterNote), drfunk98 (Akiko Makimura, Mikiko Kawamoto, and Sachiko in Devilman Mangabridged), turtlesandmonkeys (Kae Serinuma in Kiss Him, Not Me! Fandub), chromeparty (Android 18 and Mai in DragonBall GT Abridged), Melodyheart218 (Blake Belladonna/Nora Valkyrie/Ruby Rose in RWBY Comic Dubs), Jindusmer (Various Minor Characters, Naga's Mom, Raptor in I Don't Want This Kind of Hero Manhwa Dub)


"You're my favorite non-professional voice actress." -Lunar Knight


"YOUR CIEL IS ALMSOT SPOT ON?!/1/!??!/!" -Vulpixelize 

"Ur tsubaki is like, Reeeeeallly good" -Vulpixelize

 "I loved your Undyne voice" -Julia 

"You know I love your voice and am impressed by your range" -JChip 

"I mean no you're not. You're cute, and funny, and have a really beautiful voice, and are just such a lovable person." -Jindusmer

 "WHO'S MY STAR" -cocoacities 

"But you have a really pretty voice" -Casey Negative

"I felt like she was the missing piece of Muse." -Casey Negative

"Cute, smol, woke gal. Also talented, wholesome, and meme lord. Considerate, supportive, and loving. Too modest." -FrostedVoid

"Remember that you are special and beautiful, and there's no one else like you." -Jindusmer

Casting Calls and Auditons

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