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Scriptwax provides real voice actors to table read screenplays by amateur screenwriters.




I absolutely love these table reads. The voice actors are high quality and brought my script to life as well as offering in depth, useful notes after the read which brought my script to the next level. I will definitely be submitting more scripts for table reads.
- Raza Rizvi.

It wasn't until SCRIPTWAX read my script that I realized what had to be done in order to improve it. They were an incredibly helpful resource AND super friendly to boot. Super recommended.
- Michel Lichand.

Written script feedback is all well and good, but sometimes just hearing it read out loud (and even anticipating having so many people looking at it) can be even more useful than regular ol' notes. There is nothing that helps catch clunky dialogue or inconsistencies like a table read, and the sheer joy of hearing your script get taken off the page is a worthwhile experience all on its own.
- Jonas Tintenseher.

There's really no way of judging dialogue without hearing it spoken. Also, the comments of the voice actors give insights you may not have thought of.
- klmn.

Having my script read by a table of readers was immensely helpful to give me an objective perspective of my work, along with gaining multiple perspectives from the readers after the script was read. SCRIPTWAX really helped me and my writing. Since my read I've written 3 completed scripts and working on a 4th.
- m.

Loved the table read experience. It was a game-changer to hear my script read back to me. And what's more I got really helpful feedback from the readers on ways to improve the next draft.
- Anonymous.

The two reads they've done for me were both a lot of fun and very helpful. Both helped me fix dialogue and identify big issues through the feedback. Very satisfying experience overall.
- Tyrion Draper.

The table read was instrumental in helping me refine my dialogue and see where I needed to sharpen my plot. Great tool for rewrites.
- Electric Dreamer.

The table read offered a brilliant insight into the flaws of my screenplay, not just in the typos, but also into how natural the dialogue sounded and the pacing of the scenes -- both things that I could have never truly appreciated while reading it myself. My many rewatches of the video have been a huge help in planning my next draft.
- Devon Young.

Thanks to Alison and the SCRIPTWAX Team for a number of great read through experiences, especially my dark drama 'The Door' which generated the perfect response, from readers and viewers alike, during a crucial twist that more than justified its existence in the script itself! Two of my scripts that have been read are now in development and will hopefully be produced by next year.
- Matt Brothers.

There is nothing like having a table read to really get the flow of your script. Alison's table reads are professional and well put together. Getting good feedback is invaluable and Alison gets you great feedback.
- Traci-Anne Canada.

Running through action and dialogue in my head is one thing, but having a table read with real actors is a totally different experience. To hear my words from other voices allowed me to see issues and snags with my screenplay that would have otherwise gone unnoticed. I would definitely recommend it to any curious screenwriters who want to make their work as great as it can be!
- Michael Melandro.

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