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Pan Darcy, aka "Had-a-career-but-that-went-up-in-flames", also aka "IRL Lebanese Mother of 11 Children Roleplayer" is a childcare worker and pre-school teacher singing nursery rhymes and dynamically reading storybooks out aloud to her children in the daytime, but during night time and the weekends, she finds a way to attempt to reinvent her name while trying to rebuild a creative career while demonic voices bombard her psyche saying "You'll never be good enough."

One night, while Pan Darcy in her true state fell into a deep sleep, a strange light illuminated her dark and gloomy room and cartoon Mt. Olympus unveiled before her very eyes. Glorified Mr. Peanutbutter came forth and said "Pam Dipsy, Voice of the Heavens, desperate asswipe you shall be NO MORE!" And Mt. Olympus closed up on her. 

Pan Darcy awakened from her deep sleep and stared into space with glazed eyes and a confused state of mind. "Shit," she said, "I drank too much plum wine last fucking night. Anyway, it's kid care time."

Today was a new day, but for Pan, it was still kid care day.



Alright, let's be serious now. I'm Wendy, a polythreat powerhouse creative talent, otherwise known as the notoriously but charmingly (sometimes) sloppy creative talent with a "voices in her head" problem, Pan Darcy. 

As a voice actress, my large voice range allows me to portray characters from children, boys and girls, to contralto villainesses.

As an entertainer, I am darkly comedic, filled with pits-of-hell, bloody, gory jokes for the audience to savour (Mmm, blood). I am also witty, blunt and rather deductive albeit well-meaning.

As a project leader, I am powerful, a pillar-of-strength type of woman who will keep a team in formation.



I initially started out as an artist for Kane Carter's "Five Night's at Freddy's" fangame "POPGOES" (2016), where I helped with drawing the cryptic images that pop up in the game. Moreover, I've made comic pages and concept art [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] relating to the fangame itself. 

Sooner or later, I embarked on a journey in an attempt to complete my own FNAF inspired project, "Fazfreak Circus" (supposedly 2018). It had VAs and all, hand-casted by me with the significant roles under the advice of people I looked up to, Kane himself included. However, self-admittedly, due to a traumatizing personal incident mid-2016, I began to lose strength for developing the project and slowly waded off without informing any of the VAs until late this year. I'm still unsure if there's a chance I'll want to make it to the deadline, late 2018, in any way, shape or form.

Currently, I am training to become a certified childcare worker and preschool teacher, as well as working as one. Moreover, I am trying my hand at doing some voiceover work and is currently cast in a project as an extra. I'm also trying to help out with other people's ORIGINAL games as much as I can, where I hope I'll be able to get back into the groove of creative work from square one.


Projects involved (Voice Actress):

1. Project Infinity (Keikova @ MoxieLiveAction)- Extra Female


Projects involved (Developer):



Projects involved (Director/Producer):

- N/A -


I often request $5 per line if I am able to negotiate the price. 

However, I'm flexible, but within reason. 





Casting Calls and Auditons

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