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Hajimemashite! My name's Taylor but you can call me whatever you want. I'm 21 years old and I've been singing for as long as I can remember. For the past seven years or so I've been interested in covering Japanese songs, particularly anime/game music, and maybe some Japanese voice acting. While I'm confident singing in English and Japanese, when it comes to speaking roles I'll probably stick with Japanese parts.

Some information on my musical background: About ten years ago I started learning piano and it took off from there, with many other instruments following. I was first chair clarinetist and soprano in chorus throughout middle and high school, and played rhythm guitar, bass, keyboards, and sang in a few bands with some friends.These days all that's left are my guitars, which I'm trying to get back into playing daily! My grasp of musical theory is still pretty strong, though I've gotten a little rusty. I'd say my greatest strength is quickly learning parts by ear and harmonizing.

I also pride myself on my ability to sing and speak Japanese with convincing pronunciation. I've been studying Japanese on my own for several years and have some college classes under my belt, so I have a basic understanding of the language. I may be able to help with some translating if needed, but I'm far from fluent so keep that in mind! I'm slowly learning editing in Audacity via trial and error, but I can manage some very simple mixing. One aspiration of mine is to become more proficient in FamiTracker and maybe FL Studio as I'd love to compose my own music on a bigger scale than just a guitar part and my own vocals.

I don't have much of anything in terms of content yet, as I've never had a decent mic before very recently, but hopefully that will be changing in the near future!

My current obsession is Love Live!! so expect to see a lot of that. Thanks for coming by, and apologies in advanced for my shy nature ;w; Yoroshiku ne!




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