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    psudo Asian American. Realistic animals: Parrot.
    Romanian/Russian-American accent
    Pacific Northwest
    New Orleans Bayou
    Crazy Souther'n Drill Sergeant
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Deep voices Movie Preview Announcer. Military Drill Sergeant (slight southern/northwestern). Teens (excited/ cool / naive), Young Adult. Gravely (Similar Snake from Metal Gear). Classic Sea Pirate. Evil Characters (dark wizards, evil warriors). Older Hero/Anti-Hero Voices. Cartoon-ish (squeaky/quirky, Old Timey radio announcer, deep voice radio announcer, Brooklyn thug).



Voice Actor:

General Voice:

( 2016,2017): Giving a voice to the Voiceless

(Tumblr MLP:Ask-Apple Spice Big Mac:2010-2017): Big Macintosh(Fan voice)

(Librivox collaborative Audio Books 2010,2013,2014,2015, 2016,2017,2018): Various titles.


(House DJ-Music 2007-2010): StarTales Club-Intros, Dedications, Requests

(Radio Commercials 2008): Palmer's Jazz Lounge, Kegger Island Rock

(Cartoys Radio Commercial 2002-Washington State area): Sgt Rock N. Roll


(PC Game 2010) Pirates of the Burning Sea Expansion - MMORPG: - Salty old Pirate Captain, Jamaican Priest, British Lieutenant, Fishmonger, Well to do Gentleman, Parrot(Sony&Flying Labs)

(PC Game MOD 2008) Fist Full of Frags: - Primary VoiceOver Cowboy (FFoF Prod.)

(PC Game 2008) Pirates of the Burning Sea - MMORPG: - Salty old Pirate Captain, Jamaican Priest, British Lieutenant(Sony&Flying Labs)

(PC Game 2006) Brigade E5 - Jagged Union: - Olaf Hochstetter, Earl Jameson, Geriorio Maya, other (Strategy First)


(YouTube Animation 2018) Memewars Battle Dome: Rumble McSkirmish; Solid Snake

(Flash Animimation 2017) The Walking Dead Parody-Crowd voices, mechanic (Newgrounds)

(Flash Animimation 2011) RoboRat-Computer Voice(Rouge/Evil) (Newgrounds)

(Flash Animimation 2008) XenoRealms - Series: -Squad Leader, MechaSonic (Newgrounds)

(Flash Animimation 2006) Pixelated Ep.1 & 2: -Ben (Newgrounds)

(Flash Game 2006) Jack French #1: - Cop/Mayor (Newgrounds)

(Flash Animation Parody 2005) Not So Metal Gear Ac!d: - Solid Snake. (Newgrounds)

(Flash Game 2005) Kimblis the Blue: - Evil Demon (Games of Gondor)

(Flash Animimation 2005) Arc Angel Ep.1: -Kris (Newgrounds)

(Flash Animimation 2005) God Warriors: - Old Elder/Marduk (Newgrounds)

Radio Plays:

(Books for Kids 2016) The Collected Anasi Stories - Anasi, Elephant, Tiger, Monkey

(Books for Kids 2009) Little Red Ridding Hood - Big B. Wolf

(Books for Kids 2006) Goldilocks & the 3 Bears - Papa Bear 

(Internet Radio Players 2005) Battle for Wuti: - Godo

(Internet Radio Players 2005) Random Zombie Movie: - Louise

(Internet Radio Players 2005) Hitchhiker Guide to the Galaxy: - Book/Narrator 

(Internet Radio Players 2003): Final Fantasy 7: - Mad Scientist Hojo


(Machinema Animation 2005) Oblivion: - Jay (Treeskunk Productions)

(Machinema Animation 2005) Project 117 Movie Preview: - Mark 316 (Treeskunk Productions)

Live Voice Acting: (English)

(Sakura Anime Convention 2007) DreamCatcher Spectacular:

Black Lagoon-Benny; Death Note Live Action-Light's Father, Fight Choreographer, Singing 

(Sakura Anime Convention 2006) DreamCatcher Spectacular:

Bleach Ep.4- Thug, Hollow ; Full Metal Panic Fumooffu Ep. 11-Richard Mardukas

Ah My Godess Ep. 19- Tamiya; Fight Choreographer, Singing 

(Seattle's Sakura Anime Convention 2005 Live VA Show): Special Japanese VA Guest Ikue Otani(Voice of Pickachu/Chopper(Japan):

Interceptor Doll Hoi Hoi San- Evil Movie Voice Introduction

Maccross plus- Ship's Captain, Misc. voices


Improve Theater(Dead Parrot Society)-College-(2003-2004)

Musical Performances- Seattle Performing Arts Fellowship (1994-1998) (Bass Tenor)

In Production:


(Video Game Mod-Far Cry 3) Cerberus Protocol: - Talbot Mercenary Commander, Mercs


(Animation) Styles Clash: - Keith (Charlie Horse Studios)

(Flash Animation Action) Spell Bound: - Junsaku

(Flash Game) Penguin Battle: Frosty Bear Guy


Casting Calls and Auditons

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