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Hi. I'm Nicholas Nolan Savarese. (Nick S. for short)

First off, thanks for visiting my page! I love voice acting and I hope you come to love my voice. This is something I've dreamed of doing since I was a kid and now it's been made possible.

I'm an aspiring voice actor from New Jersey. I am 20 years old, born in 1998. I love playing games and making videos, or doing pretty much anything with friends.

I'm a 2D/3D animator in training at Bergen Community College. I've written, filmed, edited, produced, and directed Animations, Machinimas, and Live-Action Films for the past 7 years. I run a YouTube channel called TheBoneHeadClan and with my friends, I have produced over 500 videos to date and counting. I have personally voice acted more than 50 characters in over 100 projects by others ranging all sorts of voices.

From Accents like Southern Country, German, and Russian, to Seedy Businessmen, Satan and Satanspawns, and just plain idiot thugs. There's no voice I can't handle. (At least none I won't try and give my all.) I've never missed a deadline. I'm a great improviser and on-the-spot-thinker. I also dabble in Music.

I've the creative type, I'm extroverted and very outgoing, I love working with others and sharing ideas, and most importantly I just love what I do. I'm up for anything.

You can contact me here:

floortex1 at gmail.com

Discord-   @TheBoneHeadClan#5320

Twitter-   @TheBoneHeadClan

Skype-   Nick Savarese (theboneheadclan)

YouTube-   TheBoneHeadClan

Facebook-   Nick Savarese

You can also add me to play games on any platform under:

BLAZERLIKESSODA (Steam, Xbox, PlayStation, Wii U, whatever!)


I currently accept payment through PayPal. If there's a specific way payment method desired other than PayPal, it must be requested prior.

A Good Going Rate Estimate: / https://www.castingcall.club/average_rates

Or the GVVA / https://www.globalvoiceacademy.com/gvaa-rate-guide/


My List of Clientele

TheBoneHeadClan / Machinima, 3D Animation, 2D Animation, Editing, Filming, Special Effects, Sound Design, Set Design, Scripting, Directing, Voice Acting, Music Production, Producing, 

TheGuyWithTheThing / Smash Bullies - Tony Rigga, Nickles, Mrs. O'Toole, Marty O'Toole, Saladshaska, Shmagenhaulder, Jack R. Lawson JD, Charlie, Tina P, Miscellaneous, / Editing, Sound Design, Director, Producer, Writer, Filming

BlueReznor / Miscellaneous, / Editing, Sound Design, Director, Producer, Writer, Filming

Top Gun Guy - Assault on Khargh Island - Miscellaneous

Taliyus / Taliyus Cartoon Series - Drake, Henchman 1, Henchman 2

dRage / Dragon Brawl Z - Phantom, Falco, Chancellor, Richter Belmont

MasterGuil / Erston In Smash - Bowser Junior, Greninja, Link

Pie Production / S.W.A.G. - Bobbi, Miscellaneous / The Afterlife - Mayor, Miscellaneous

AyoGavino / The Pathfinders - Jac The Pervert

SpeedDemon1939 / Smash Games - Kurigary, Sakurai (Credited as Big Peso) / The Showdown - Yellow Lucario / Last Light - King Dedede, Wario, Luigi, / REVENGE - Revenge

SlenderMcDewott / Super Smash Bros Brawl Abridged - Olimar

Leon Flamwsword of Broken Fragment Productions / Knight of Smash: Living Ultimate - Ignis

JacerMoro / Broken - Wolf, Miscellaneous Animal Sounds

Esparanza / Graphic Design

Usamimi / Ligia Sims - Hugo, Damian

TheBadGamingBoy / The Skysmash Chronicles - Corrin

KHJason95 / Not Exactly Soldier - Cloud, Dark Cloud, Lil Mac, Ganondorf

BibleClinger / For The Federation - Admiral Trenton

Stevenac / Brothers Through Fire - Gaius

RubenKings / All-Star Death Smash: The Unknown Revenge - George: The Last Cyberscout, Finn, Dr. Jacobs

TerravancerYoh / Rogue Angels - Diamante, Imposter, Extras (All Credited as Big Peso)

IsaiahCow1 / Samantha Vs The World - Exhaust / Junior! - Thug / School U - Megaman / 

Dipp Studios / Miscellaneous, / Editing, Sound Design, Director, Producer, Writer, Filming

King P / FJD & Associates - Answering Machine / Miscellaneous, / Editing, Sound Design, Director, Producer, Writer, Filming

SpiderFreak1011 / Phoenix Rising - Solid Snake

LoneWolf1500 / The Legend of Zelda: Rise of the Fallen - Lionel, Wario, / The Lost Story - Narrator (Adult), Narrator (Child) / Surf n Turf - Announcer, Ms. Professor

JJ Gaming / Falcun PANCH!!! - Lil Blood Falc

Fanfickle Entertainment / E.W.W. Megaman X - Graphic Design

HisokaXHisoka / Ambitions - Falco, Wolf

Whoman_Hegehog / Smash Life - Anti-Magic Leader, Mario, Billy The Bird, / Kingdoms - Production, Editing, & Camera Work, Voiced Dr. Tornado, Miscellaneous, / Multiple Matt's and the Robot Boy Album - Garbage Pail Wankers, Bigger Weed, Rad and Rhoodie

SmashingTheNew / TIDE - Nebula, Zasuke, Dr. Gazeebo, Gambino, Gambino's Goons, Zombie, DoomBone / Planet Smash - Ganondorf, Captain Falcon, Mewtwo, Diddy Kong, Miscellaneous, Writer, Filming, Production, Sound Design

Mectro15 / Super Smash Combo Class - Greninja (Multiple Color Variants), Donkey Kong, Editing, Filming, Sound Design, Production / A Poyo Life - Korbles, Arnold "Pifst" Chuzzenager, Lead Writer, Filming, Editing

Mickey Murk / Chronicles of Brawl - Ganondorf, Mewtwo, Mysterious Voice (???)

Spider Versays (SpiderVS) / Irredeemable - Jayce

WisemanThe13th / Knock On Death Door - Razputin "Raz Shooter" Schaffner, / Super Smash Bullies Parody - (Credit for Super Smash Bullies Series Concept & Design)

AngelGlory / Next Smash R - BladedDragon7, Miscellaneous

Pat The Irish Person / Sucked Into Smash - Fox, Captain Falcon, 

Hereton Almighty / Hereton's Sonic Dubbing Project - Black Doom, G.U.N. Commander, Steve Eggman, Nazo, Miscellaneous

SeanTheActor / Smashing Legends - Bowser, Narrator / Top The Competition - Big Top

Esparanza / Graphic Design

ShadowZPA / The Smash Region- Dark MetaKnight, Bowser, 

Mr. Inferno / Sonic Infinity - Espio The Chameleon

Smashing XIII / Oathkeepers - Cobi Dope, King Boo, Booster, Rookie / Expand Dong - Donkey Kong, Funky Kong, Tony Rigga, Yoshi, Extras

DonkeyDude / Ask The Smash Cast Q&A - Wolf O'Donnel, Ridley

Eddie Balderas Jr. (FirePhoenix) / NOU: Donkey Kong Jungle Bungle - Donkey Kong, Lead Writer / Mushroom Kingdom Fun Times - Donkey Kong

Fangles / The Defenders - Ridley, Lucario

AkaRakxm / Dragon Ball Abridged - Giran, Lt. Brown, Ghastel, Sherman Priest

Gacha Studios / The Necklace - Tommy

Nerdster-Stein / William (Worried Father)

M3llow Frost / Radiostuck - Hivebent Narrator [Understudy]

Richy221 / Rokitech - Sarge

TLoZ x STH / Darkened Blur - Darbus

MysteriousChaosCat / Keeper of the Lost Cities - Prof. Sweeny, Children (Extras)

ZoruaMaster / Faith's Crossing - Ganondorf

CanOfDarkFruit / Smash Switch Sketch Show - Peppy, Slippy

MoKat / Grand Brawl R: Rebuild - Ganondorf


"amazing dude! It was a perfect shot for shot remake. I haven't seen it in years and it brought back memories! Thank you!"


"Thanks man! ... I love you.."


"..great job! The nostalgia is real right now. "

Pie Production

"Oh thats cool, really good in fact.."




"it was pretty funny :P"


Casting Calls and Auditons

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