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My name is Nick S. I have done produced, edited, and voice acted in videos, such as Machinimas, for over 5 years. I've done many voices for my Youtube channel and others whether it be Machinima, cartoons, flash, 3D animations, or Live Action.

Many notable inclusions being:

Super Smash Bullies, Broken, The Adventures of Carter Kill & Gimpy, PathFinders, Dragon Brawl Z, Smash Games, Taliyus, Knight of Smash, S.W.A.G. and more.

If you want, go ahead and message me for an audition/voice. I'm always game.

I haven't made demo reel as of yet, but you can check any of my Auditions and check out my YouTube Channel for references as to what I can do. Behold my voice's power!

Casting Credits Include:

Super Smash Bullies - Tony Rigga, Nickles, Mrs. O'Toole, Marty O'Toole, Saladshaska, Shmagenhaulder, Jack R. Lawson JD, Charlie, Tina P, Miscellaneous

Smash Games - Kurigary

Smash Life - Anti-Magic Leader, Mario, Billy The Bird,

Assault On Kharg Island - Miscellaneous/Body Acting,

Taliyus - Drake

Dragon Brawl Z - Phantom, Falco, Chancellor,

Erston In Smash - Bowser Jr, Greninja, Link

S.W.A.G. 2 - Bobbi

The Pathfinders - Jac The Pervert

Super Smash Bros Brawl Abridged - Olimar

Knight of Smash - Ignis

Phoenix Rising - Solid Snake

SchoolU - Megaman

Samantha Vs The World - Exhaust

Falcun PANCH! - Lil Blood Falc

The Legend of Zelda: Rise of the Fallen - Lionel, Wario

For the Federation - Admiral Trenton

Hybrid Smash/The Three Emblem Warriors/Not Exactly Soldier/Cloud's Quest/ - Cloud, Dark Cloud, Little Mac, Ganondorf

All Star Death Smash: The Unknown Revenge - George The Last Cyberscout, Finn

Ambitions - Falco, Wolf

Broken - Wolf, Miscellaneous/Background Noises

Brothers Through Fire - Gaius

Ligia Sims - Damian, Hugo

The Lost Story - Narrator Young, Narrator Old

FJD & Associates - Answering Machine

Dipp Studios - Editor, Actor, Writer, Director, Narrator

The Skysmash Chronicles - Corrin

Whoman Hedgehog - Songs, Machinima, Dr. Tornado, Multiple Matt's and the Robot Boy Album, Holiday Crossover,

Super Smash Combo Class - DK, Greninjas, 

The Afterlife - Mayor

The Showdown - Yellow Lucario

Last Light - King Dedede, Wario, 

REVENGE - Revenge

Knock On Death Door - Razputin Schaffner (Raz "Shooter"), 

Irredeemable - Jayce

Chronicles of Brawl - Ganondorf

TheBoneHeadClan: Editing, Machinima, Filmwork, Special Effects, Sound Design, Set Design, Scripting, Directing, Voice Acting, Music, Producing, 

Esparanza: Channel Design

Next Smash R - Bladed Dragon7, Miscellaneous

Sonic Infinity - Espio The Chameleon

A Poyo Life - Korbles, Pifst

Smasholes- DoomBone/Boneman

The Smash Region- Dark MetaKnight, Bowser, 

Sucked Into Smash- Fox

Elite Dangerous: For The Federation- Admiral Trenton

Hereton's Sonic Dubbing Project - Black Doom, G.U.N. Commander, Steve Eggman

Smashing Legends - Bowser, Narrator, 

Oathkeepers - Cobi Dope, King Boo, Booster

TIDE - Nebula, Zasuke, Dr. Gazeebo, 

Ask The Smash Cast Q&A - Wolf O'Donnel

Donkey Kong Jungle Bungle - Lead Writer, Donkey Kong

TarravancerYoh's Unannounced Project - TBA
LoneWolf1500's Unannounced Project - TBA
The Legend of Dirk (TBA) - Dirk


I Am Currently Working For Free.

Go ahead and ask me for a role!

You can even pay me if you'd like.


"amazing dude! It was a perfect shot for shot remake. I haven't seen it in years and it brought back memories! Thank you!"

- soFallenfilms

"Thanks man! ... I love you.."

- BlueReznor

"..great job! The nostalgia is real right now. "

- Pie Production

"Oh thats cool, really good in fact.."

- Stoob



"it was pretty funny :P"

- TheActMan

Casting Calls and Auditons

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