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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

I’ve been in the entertainment and recording industry for almost 30 years, and Voice Over work for 15 years. I'm now a full time American voice actor working from my professional home studio.

I’m extremely versatile and can deliver:

-        High energy upbeat

-        Soft sell commercial reads

-        Sales and corporate presentations

-        Professional telephone packages

-        Informative and captivating documentary narrations

-        Authoritative or guy next door style for video sales letters, animated explainer, and whiteboard videos

-        Character voices for cartoons and video games

-        Short format VO

I've delivered e-learning content for:

-        Corporate

-        Employee safety

-        Technical training

-        Science and children's educational lessons

I’ve spent over 30 years as a working musician and educator, and love spending days in my studio recording messages like yours. I'm happy to provide a CUSTOM AUDITION READ upon PERSONAL MESSAGE REQUEST to ensure I'm right for your project. DEMOS—I invite you to listen, download, and share any of my recent voice over production demos.


How much do you charge for voice
over production?

There are numerous factors I
consider when setting a rate for your project.

  1. Word Count of the script

  2. Distribution (commercial rights or not)

  3. Do I need to proof/edit your script

  4. Do you need it synced to an existing video or timed

  5. How quickly you need it back

  6. Do you need background music and/or sound effects

  7. Do you need special effects, a full mix or just dry

These answers will determine the

Do you have a rate table?

Yes, while there are lots of
variables to be considered my current rate table is below:

WORD COUNT for the following use

UP TO 300 = .25 per word

301 – 500 = .17 per word

501 – 1,000 = .13 per word

1,001 – 3,000 = .10 per word

MORE THAN 3,000 = .07 per word

*For example the base cost for a 300
word script delivered as a dry voice with no timing requirements would cost
around $75


RADIO/TV :30 = $75 (LOCAL) + $200

RADIO/TV:60 = $125 (LOCAL) + $350

ADD MUSIC = $20 PER CUT (I use
the royalty free production music library as my source
that you can choose from or provide your own)

*This is for dry voice delivery. For
voice effects and full mix cost will be negotiated.



Casting Calls and Auditons

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