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Allow me to introduce myself...

My name is Fentriss O. Moore, professional Atlanta based voice talent for the past eight years .

I am proactively seeking clients whose brands are socially conscious, support environmentally progressive initiatives, and organizations that represent brands that I support.

I have the vocal range to execute internal communications for employee safety, new product/service introductions, and capital retention and execute external communication initiatives that educate the consumer on products and services that can turn them into lifestyle enthusiasts of your brand.

I have virtually voiced inside every genre of voiceover including IVR, mobile apps, commercials, imaging, video game characters, and museum narration.

However, that is not the best part. I specialize in storytelling. This can be any type of long form narration including audiobooks, eLearning, corporate narration, industrial training, and explainer videos.

My award winning voice has been proven on commercial, federal, state, and non-profit projects with clients that entrust all or part of their communication initiatives with my voice. I am looking to extend this very same opportunity to you and for your organization.

I accept constructive direction from my clients, offer them valuable script feedback, and bring an energy to content that is unmatched. My goal is to make everything ready for "prime time" even if it simply stays in house. Listen, I wake up looking forward to do this for someone like you everyday.  

Our brands have the same objective: client retention and client acquisition.

Thank you for investing the time in listening to how I can turn your projects into profit!

I look forward to us collaborating!

Experience my commerical demo here:

Experience my work reel here:


*Email for Pricing*


Gamelion February '12
 Rovio March '12
 SCAD Student Senior Seminar April '12
 OSHA Web Training April '12
 Su Jok Audiobook April '12
 Wycliffe Bible Translators May '12
 New Frontier Media June '12
 CompTIA June '12
 MLS Soccer 2012 August '12
 Senior Seminar Student Project August '12
 DePaul University August '12
 Cancer Family Awareness August '12
 Cesar Pardo Productions October ‘12
 Blueprint Fellows Program October ‘12 November ‘12
 MSG Network November ‘12
 Center for Creative Leadership December ‘12
 Gettysburg Seminary Ridge Museum November ‘12
 Kinection January 13
 A Girl and a Gun February ‘13
 Southwest Veterans Business Resource Center May ‘13
 United States Army August ‘13
 Monits September ‘13
 Chevron September ‘13
 Community Care of North Carolina September ‘13 September ‘13
 Global Industries Australia September ‘13
 Big World Network October ‘13
 Wochit November ‘13
 eM Client December ‘13
 Abt Associates January ‘14
 R-D-I-O February ‘14
 Cox Communications March ‘14
 Danfoss April ‘14
 MyStrenght May ‘14
 RCN May ‘14
 Canadian Museum of Human Rights May ‘14
 Barry University July ‘14
 CLYNK August ‘14
 BNY Mellon October ‘14

 MARTA March ‘15
 Tech Mahindra April ‘15
 High Hope Productions June ‘15
 SNAP Recordings September ‘15
 GE October ‘15

 Spartan Controls/Emerson February ‘16
 Sema Films May ‘16
 CNO September ‘16
 Healthcare Interactive November ‘16

 Daimler February ‘17
 Aetna August ‘17


Casting Calls and Auditons

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