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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

At Meraki, we proudly represent a uniquely diversified selection of the most talented models and artists. Our roster is not only full of passionate and talented people, but they are business-minded, professional, creative, and goal-oriented.

Our main mission is to showcase our talent internationally by making them accessible to global commercial, fashion, and entertainment communities. We work with agencies locally, nationally, and internationally to give clients the best of the best. We pride ourselves on our abilities to connect our talent with international work that will expand their network and create well-rounded, responsible, traveling individuals.

Specifically for models, we act as an international placement modeling agency. We are dedicated to scouting the most unique new faces in the U.S.

We act both as a booking and mother agency to our signed talent by working with quality clients and placing our talent with the best representatives. We are working closely with the top talent agencies, clients, and place our talent in the right market.

Our goals are to develop and create top notch super talent. We  assist in placing all talent with top tier talent agencies, in high-end magazines, and give them the opportunities to work with well-known casting directors, producers and directors.

As a company, we are dedicated to the artist community and volunteer with ArtLoveMagic ( All of our talent are each aligned with a charitable organization of their choice and regularly participate in charitable events and activities. We also assist in helping talent find their place with a charitable organization if they are not initially affiliated with one. Talent also provide at least one charitable gift or class to the public per month based on their talents. All talent provide fellow Meraki Talent with support, positivity, as well as donated services and guidance.

We provide the foundation and support for professional and aspiring talent to achieve each one of their goals, run a business, and to execute each step of their careers with love, education, dedication, teamwork and professionalism. We are accessible to our talent 24/7 with ZERO membership fees.  Our staff does not condone or tolerate diva-like attitudes and disrespectful or erratic behavior.  All talent are respectful, prompt, and cater to client needs.

We treat our talent as business and entertainment professionals, but also with strong management guidance to ensure they enjoy a flawless course through their successful and prosperous career.  The sky is not the limit.

Meraki Models & Talent was created with 26 years of experience and passion in the entertainment industry by Owner, Summer Ayala.  She has a long list of credits behind-the-scenes, in front of the camera, as well as experience coaching and mentoring aspiring and fellow talent. (More About Summer)





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