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Megan Taylor is an American aspiring voice actor. Born and
raised in northern Michigan, Megan knew from an early age that she wanted a
career in entertainment. Throughout her early academic career, Megan was
involved in theatrical productions, vocal performance groups, and instrumental
performance groups. After high school, Megan took time to pursue other
passions, including obtaining a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from
Central Michigan University. 

In college, Megan worked for two crisis phone
lines; inspired by the way she could help people with only her voice, Megan
began to pursue an interest in voice acting. Taking inspiration from voice
actors in anime and cartoons, Megan has taken acting/voice classes from Casting Call Club
and Central Michigan University to help develop her vocal acting abilities. 

Ultimately, Megan hopes to pursue a professional career in voice over, working
for industry leaders such as Funimation and Netflix. Megan is hard-working,
determined, and eager to learn, and is currently employed by The Walt Disney Company. 


Twitter: @megantaylor107



I am happy to accept work without compensation, in exchange for experience and recommendations! 

However, I am also open to receiving any appropriate compensation for my work, too. 


ReesesSkater - It's a Trap! VR Chat Roleplay 

HeroWiz - Dragon Ball Ancestors 

GuitArchon - Fate: Finality 

SoulyFREAK - The Hell on Earth

Tack Tech Films - The Story of Timmy Abrams 

The Impact Holding Company - The Just Talking Show 

D & C Productions - Depressed: A Minecraft Roleplay 

MaybeMedia - Springtrap and Deliah Comic Dub

Leon-Kuwata - Danganronpa: Despair and the Killing Charade 

Askari305 - Dragon Ball Final Few 

Juliana - Starlight Academy 

WooshDude - Dragon Ball Super Manga Dub

Krow - Dragon Ball Super Abridged


"I thoroughly think your voice acting is amazing." -ReesesSkater

"Oh my lord! I love your audio! You did great." -SoulyFREAK

"God, you sound like a whiny b----. It's perfect." -Krow

"This is fantastic!!!" -Leon-Kuwata

"Ooo, that last line was delivered especially well. Really nailed the 'creepily happy' tone. Gold star, friend." -GuitArchon

"Really good voice." -WooshDude

"That was really good! I was going to ask someone else to do this role but I think your audition changed my mind." -HeroWiz

Casting Calls and Auditons

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