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Kenneth was born in North Carolina and raised in Mississippi. He has seen so many different things in his life that he has been able to develop quite a range of perceptions. He is married and has a six year old son.


At a young age, Kenneth discovered that he had a knack for acting. He was always very good at mimicking others, and he was able to even nail quite a few voices. Not to mention the lying...(not a good way to practice). As he got older, he discovered that he loved to write: his number one passion. While he loves writing books, he felt that there was still something missing from his life. He felt strongely that it was acting. Acting, especially voice acting, has been something that Kenneth has put a lot of practice into.


He has his own private studio at his home, in Illinois, and he has prided himself on having reliably quick turnaround when necessary. He has recorded a couple of short commercials for radio advertisements, a few private company advertisements, and two audiobooks and is always looking for more opportunities to show off his acting chops.

ktolesjractor.wix.com/thevoice (voice over)

kennethtolesjr.com (author)


Video Games:

$350 per four hour day for up to three voices.

Television Commercials:

$850 per week for each week the television ad is aired.


$400 per four hour day for up to three voices.

Internet Advertisements:

$600 per week for each week the internet ad is used.


$350 per finished hour.

I understand that in some instances these rates cannot be met. I do not hold a budget against anyone. If the project is something that I feel strongly about, I will be happy to work with you on negotiated terms.

All Prices Are Negotiable.



Internet Ad for Toyota (2019 Toyota Camry SE).
Internet Ad for an Anders Olsen concert.
A total of 50 Internet Ads so far.

Local Television Commerical for Benny's Car Wash.


Your Mission to Neptune by Sally Kephart (2018)
Liar's Ball by K.F. Johnson (2018)
Behind Closed Doors by K.F. Johnson (2018)
Enclave of Jyme by Phoenix Rayne (2018)
The Old Victorian Basement by Kenneth Toles Jr. (2017)
Dark Christmas by Dawn Chandler (2017)
Enter the Dark by Ronald Long (2017)
Z-Minus 1 by Perrin Briar (2016)


5 Stars For the project Your Mission to Neptune

By Sally Kephart on July 27, 12:33 PM

 5 Stars For the project accent_prose

By our client on July 26, 1:16 PM

"All were excellent, support was esp. helpful."

5 Stars For the project Ancient of Fire

By our client on September 5, 3:00 AM

"Great work! Loved how you were able to fit the character's deep and slow voice. Thank you!"

Casting Calls and Auditons

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