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Brown Jr is voice-over
artist based in New York City. With versatile vocal reach and styles his voice over work has spanned across animation, podcasts, audio dramas, visual
novels and games, can be seen with Team Dogpit, Seraphim Entertainment,
Voiceiyuu, Pixelfade Productions, Cylight Studios, National Lampoon, Video Game Boot Camp,
Fantasy Soft Entertainment, and Elf Games as well as the Aphmau Fantasy YouTube Channel.

He is most widely known as the voice of the villain Malix in the English Otome game "Seduce Me," and plays the assassin "Akachi" in the action audio play "Togey: A Tale of Evil" where he  won an award for Featured Actor of the Year. He plays the character Lo in Season 3 of Aphmau's Minecraft Fantasy series. He also played as the main character's A.I. system named EAGLE in ACE Academy. He has played multiple characters on National Lampoon's Presents The Final Edition podcast. He voiced three characters in the mobile zombie runner game, "Zombie Hal," including the titular character, and voiced seven unique characters for the popular fan-based sci-fi audio drama, "Attack on Space"
on YouTube, where he provided the voices of Connie and the Rouge Titan,
among others. He is currently in several additional games that will be
announced later this year.

James also has experience in educational voiceover and for online comic productions as well, which will be announced at a later date.



Online Product Vids LLC

Sunny Blue Studios

Matt Bixler

Alex Pritchard Studios


9Hammer Productions

Team Dogpit

Reaver Games

Seraphim Entertainment

Michaela Laws Productions

Pixelfade Productions

Elf Games            

VG Boot Camp                      


"I could not overstate the quality of James's work, both as as a
professional and as a performer. James was hired to join the cast of
two separate games for Team Dogpit, and--with minimal direction--he
fully embodied his characters with colorful performances that helped to
set the mood of our games. His range and the believability of his
creations were remarkable to the point where the production team and I
eagerly awaited the delivery of his audio to listen firsthand. In
addition, he was reliably prompt in answering and delivering each
request, and all of his work was exactly to our specifications from his
home studio which made it easy to mix. I cannot put into words the
gratitude that I and the producer of Team Dogpit have for his work.
What I can say is that we look forward to bringing him in for our future
productions, and we sincerely recommend him to other content creators
seeking a true professional to bring their work to life."    - Michael Zekas, Voice Actor & Audio Engineer at Team Dogpit

"James is a dedicated and talented voice over actor, artist and writer.
After working with him on multiple occasions I can give him only the
highest of recommendations. "  - Hayden Daviau, Voice Actor| Writer | Singer

"James has done some Voice Over and Graphic Design work for VGBootCamp.
Everything he does has a high production value quality to it and he
always gets it to us far before their deadlines. If anyone needs a voice
over artist or graphic designer I highly recommend James for the job."  - Calvin Lofton, CEO & President of VG Boot Camp

Casting Calls and Auditons

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