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Hello there! My name is Imagination Runs Wild, but it really depends on where you meet me. If I were to post something in one of those sites, I would typically want that specific name as my credit (EX. YouTube covers go with my YouTube name).

My specialty is mainly singing for now. I'm actually very awkward when doing voice acting since my confidence can easily be shaken. However, singing is very different. After a few months of practice, my confidence in singing is higher than my confidence in voice acting. That's not to say that I'm a great singer, though. I don't know my true potential as a singer yet.

For singing roles and requests, I'm a mezzo-soprano with stronger low notes. l'm still working on my high notes, and I think I got it, but mezzo-soprano is my vocal range. My natural voice would be best described as deep and more masculine, but I can manage to do a more higher and feminine(ish) voice.

I haven't been practicing nor have I been casted roles for voice acting. Because of this, I haven't had enough confidence to continue on. However, I''m a writer/script writer myself so I'm reading my works rather than other people's works. However, it's still not enough to understand working with other people.

If you were to cast me or request me to join your groups, I ask that you try to keep me motivated.  I've been in a lot of cover groups and none have been able to keep their deadlines in check. This has caused me an immense amount of stress and frustration. And because I'm an awkward child myself, I can't really express my anger towards groups.

The different types of voices I can do are (singing):
- Mari O'hara (Love Live! Sunshine) MEH
- Dia Kurosawa (Love Live! Sunshine) STRONG
- Yoshiko/Yohane Tsuushima (Love Live! Sunshine) WEAK
- Ruby Kurosawa (Love Live! Sunshine) WEAK
- Maki Nishikino (Love Live! School Idol Project) MEH
- Eli Ayase (Love Live! School Idol Project) MEH


I am a free cookie. I don't do voice act/sing for a price unless the project is a paid project. 



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