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Voice Actor
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    Line Art
    Singing and Voice Acting
    writing stories and scripts
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    Chinese (Mandarin)
    English (Fluent)
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    Child to Young Adult mainly.
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    none :(
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Whoever you are, viewing my page...Hi there! Hope you have/ had a great day! I'm a girl in my early teens, trying out Voice Acting. It's fun and interesting, and I like how it brings characters and the stories they tell to life, being a writer myself. English is my second language but I'm very fluent in it. I can also assist in story plots, cuz I'm a writer.  :) I even published my own book before, though it is only at a local scale.

I'm also a singer. Not the best, but decent. By music terms, I'm more of a natural contralto, preferring to do lower, supporting notes. I can reach mezzo-soprano, but ehh...I prefer not to unless the character calls for it so...Mezzo-Alto then. I'm not the best at vibrato, only for very low notes that not many songs use and my falsetto's pretty weak, but it's high.

As for learning speed, (when it comes to original songs) as long as you give me an instrumental chorus to refer to, give me a day or two and I should be able to sing it well. It only takes me a couple hours to just learn new songs actually. If you really can't produce an instrumental chord, you can just give me music sheets. I have a piano so I can figure out how it sounds like from there. But please, only if you ABSOLUTELY have to. I'm only a grade 3 pianist so don't expect me to figure it out within a few days. It'll probably take me more than just a week.

Illuminaxin is my internet name, but call me Xin. I don't have a Christian name and from experience, many non-Chinese people pronounce my name wrong so yeah. just call me by my middle name. :p

Oh wow. You actually read all that? Here's an imaginary consolation cookie!

illuminaxin2003 (all small letters)

illuminaxin #5618

illuminaxin XD

(It's just gaming videos)

If you want to view some of my writing works;

illuminaxin (Axjay)


I just want to do it for fun. I'm too young to be receiving payments anyway.



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