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  • 14Total Projects
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Voice Actor
  • Skills
    copy editing
    Audio Editing (Basic)
    Audio Editing (Audacity)
    Writing Stories
  • Genders
  • Languages
    English US
    Japanese (not fluent)
  • Ages
    Teen to Young Adult
    Teen/Young Adult
    Teenager-Young Adult
    Adult Female
  • Accents
    English (British)
    American Midwest
    English US
    American English
    American Southern
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>> View my voice reel YT playlist <<
>> View my finished VA YT projects playlist <<

Please do not contact me about your project if you intend to rip (plagiarize) other user-created content and claim it as yours. This happened. 

*~* About

A voice actor serious to improve, looking for challenging projects: short and long term. I'm timely and work well with live direction sessions. I record my own audio books and look for interesting audio gigs to audition for. Grammar stickler. Professional web designer.  And I have a novel series called The Libertas League, with 2 books done and up on major online retailers and a 3rd in editing. I also have other books that have been self-published on major online retailers.

*~* What Projects Interest Me

Completely original works of all types
Some franchises (if scripts/content is all original)
Some comic dubs (depends, case-by-case)

Sonic the Hedgehog related (some exceptions)

*~* What I Won't Do

My Little Pony, Gacha Life, Minecraft, Roblox, Machinima, FNAF
Things that are re-inventing the wheel (like if an English dub has already been done of something, and you just want to do another one...)

NSFW // Age 17+

Crude and Adult Humor
Bad language // Sex // Politics

Anything really nasty and not nice (like mocking ppl/things)

*~* Websites

Discord: CashlinSnow#1886


Usually free (for now), but I'm not against if it you do want to pay me. Really.


*~* Selected Current Projects


- Ghost of Queen Meredith (The Life That Rolls Away)to 
- Lena + Alix (Rebirth 69Michi WebToon English Comic Dub)
- Faith (The Unexplored Cosmos)

- Queen Marie Wright (Untied Warriors)

- Queen Regina (Magical Girl Corina)

- World of Trophies (Samus)

- Skye Trevenka, Angela Woole-Penley, & Misc (Wilde Times: An Unofficial Zootopia Audio Drama)
- Miles Tails Prower (& Misc) (Sonic The Hedgehog IDW English Comic Dub [2018])
- Vanilla the Rabbit (Heroes Come Back Original Comic Dub)
- Rouge the Bat (Heroes Come Home Original Comic Dub)
- Sally Acorn (Heroes Come Back Original Comic Dub)
- Sally Acorn (Sonic OPs Full Fan Animation Series
- Rouge the Bat & Cream the Rabbit for Pixelrush on YT.

- Female Narrator (Video Essay)
- Calvin's Mom (Calvin & Hobbes Radio Story Short)
- Mrs. Principal (Circus Vendetta Animation)
- Rouge the Bat (Sonic '06 Movie/Cutscene Dub)
- Princess Elise (Sonic '06 Movie/Cutscene Dub)
- Rouge the Bat (Animated Sonic Skit Short)

- Cecile (UnOrdinary Webtoon English Fan Dub)
- Pepper Pig (Tom the Cat Animation)
- Belinda Farrows (the Blue Fairy) & Julie Potterson (Jane Porter) (Disney High)
- Rouge the Bat (Sonic Duos - Sonic Fan Game)
- Cream the Rabbit (Sonic The Hedgehog IDW Comic Series Dub)
- Rouge the Bat (Sonic Fan Story Dubs on YouTube)
- Sally Acorn (Sonic Fan Story Dubs on YouTube)
- Rouge the Bat (Sonic the Hedgehog Fandub)
- Blaze the Cat (Sonic the Hedgehog Fandub)
- Rouge the Bat (Sonic Boom: Boom!Baby Comic Dub) 888
- Cream the Rabbit (Me Myself and Andy Sonic Fan Fic Novel Adaptation)

*~* Finished Projects

>>> See my full YT VA playlist <<<

Sonic the Hedgehog

Sally Acorn
Sonic Ops Ep #2: The Doctor With the Master Plan [full animation] 
Time Will Tell - Sonally/Sonamy [ Comic Dub ]

Miles Tails Prower
IDW Sonic the Hedgehog (2018), EP1: Fallout PT 1 [Comic Dub]

Rouge the Bat

BlueStudios: Sonic: Lonely Guardian

Original ~50m Sonic fan story. Audiobook w/still visuals.

Other Works

Princess Peach
Super Mario RPG: The Legend of the Rainbow Fire Flower Fan Game
Download for free. A Mario fan RPG where he and a character named Adam go save Princess Peach.

Original Works

Extra & small roles: Dog 2, Receptionist, Dispatch, Nurse, Doctor 2, Danielle Morton.

The Veiled Monarch Audiobook for Audible
Audible book in production.


Casting Calls and Auditons

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