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Voice Actor
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    Voice Acting
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    Chinese (Mandarin)
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    North American
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Young adult male VA + singer. Also known as Steel.


I try to put my best foot forward in terms of acting, conveying emotion genuinely, and really putting myself in the characters' shoes, first and foremost, while trying to interpret an accurate vocal tone for how I view their personality and appearance. 

My default vocal tone is best described as medium deepness and thin timbre, with a relatively wide range for expression variety, age, and texture fluctuation. 

Some descriptors I've heard of my default voice are; "cool", "sharp", "smooth", and "airy", but please listen to some of my auditions and evaluate for yourself if it is a voice type that can fit your project.

Some vocal archetypes I can perform (and can modify/personalize w/ direction).
- "Cool/Aloof" Bishounen
- Scholarly Doctor
- Goofy/Chill/Sarcastic
- Elderly and Feeble
- Androgynous or Sultry Tone
- Semi-Macho/Gruff
- Shrill/Psychotic Guy 
- Child/Teenager Youthful
- Old Timey/Energetic Radio Voice

I have a General American accent

I can perform Trans-Atlantic and can somewhat perform a few other accented English tones (Russian, Chinese, British, etc) , but I don't specialize in imitation or accents. I can learn and practice specific accents when needed. 

I can speak and understand Mandarin Chinese

I can VA and Sing in Japanese too, but have limited comprehension.

(I will have a demo reel sometime later when time allows so I don't have to describe it and feel weird about trying to talk about how my voice sounds.) 


 My singing is optimal in the Baritone range, but I can go into Bass or Tenor ranges too. 

I am generally more proficient singing softer genres (Jazz, RnB, Ambient, Acoustic,  etc) or mixed energy genres, (Pop, Swing, Electronic, DnB, Musical, etc) than loud belt-y, genres (Rock, Metal, Dubstep, etc). But I can adapt. 



- Alex Beckham, aka Man on the Internet

- Tom Previte, aka Tenebrismo


"I cast Steel in Undertale the Musical because of all the auditions for his character, Sans the skeleton, his displayed the best range while also staying the most human. With magnificent acting talents, the ability and willingness to work hard and go above and beyond the call of duty, and being easy to direct, Steel is an excellent fit for any project. He has my highest possible recommendation to anyone looking for a voice like his." - Alex Beckham, Director of Undertale the Musical

Casting Calls and Auditons

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