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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

I am a professional voice actor of the last four years. Some companies I've voiced for include Mercedes-Benz, Adidas, Boost Mobile and Coors Lite. Please feel free to reach out for more info or check out




Freddie provide a timely read and was great when working on adjustments. I will recommend him to future clients. -RCP Marketing​​

Mr. Colton was very efficient and prompt in recording our phone prompt. She recorded our phone prompt three times after it was revised with no fuss. He is a very professional voice over artist and i recommend him to any potential client looking to use his voice.

-Top Rank Rentals

Fabulous job!! Freddie has a very clear voice and correct pronunciation reading. 100% satisfaction. I will CERTAINLY order again!! 100% Recommended! The job was reading a children book and Freddie had it done very professionally! The files were perfect without echo or back noises. -Rachel Mintz (Author of "Piki the Flea Visits the Jungle")

Freddie Colton, the man, the legend. Excellent communication and a pleasure to deal with. High quality work! If you need perfect quality voice overs, Freddie is your man. -Monkey in the Living Room Productions

Freddie is truly gifted. I was 100% satisfied with his work. I requested a few voiceovers for a new podcast and Freddie delivered. Freddie was professional and delivered everything I requested. If you are looking for a clear and gifted voice then Freddie is your guy. I would recommend him to anyone. -Mike Lizarraga (Founder of TheGenerationMe Network)

"I ordered an audio book reading for children, at first I ordered a job from a non native speaker but her accent was awful, and I looked for a perfect English voice. Luckily I found Freddie! The response and service was excellent, he sent me a professional demo which helped me choose him for the job. I saw he was professional enough to ask the right questions and understand the reading assignment. The result was perfect, soft voice and clear pronunciation. I know my next book voice over would be ordered from Freddie." - David Levin

“He handled the copy beautifully. Very professional delivery and a very solid performance. His personality and sense of fun really came through in his read. Fantastic job!” -Andy Roth

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