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Voice Actor
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Ed Mace is a full time voice actor with over 3 decades of experience in the voiceover fields of video games, animation, narration, television, radio and trailers. From Ed’s home studio fully equipped with Sennheiser, Shure and Blue mics plus the latest iMac and Dell operating systems, he can provide the highest quality, noise free recordings presented in the format of your choice.

For those interested in receiving at least 3 free short voiceover samples of your script, simply send a few lines, detailed directions with regards to VO (voiceover) style, tone and attitude, back story of the character if applicable and receive your samples shortly thereafter. Receive same day turnaround for the majority of recordings. Ed also offers live phone or Skype sessions. Utilizing local area studios, ISDN sessions can be easily scheduled. Should your venture require someone affiliated with the union, Ed is available for both SAG (Screen Actors Guild)-AFTRA (American Federation of Television and Radio Artists) union and non-union projects.



partial Client List:


MadMind Studio

Rovio Games





Rhode Island Department of Transportation

The Mob Museum


Dunkin' Donuts

National Grid

Butler Hospital


AT Games


Big Fish Games




Eipix Entertainment

Kaamos Sound


World Loom Games

Artifex Mundi

Supa Strikas

Big-Blue Studios

Lena Research Foundation


Wastelands Interactive

Iron Ward Games

Cornfox and Bros

Spilt Milk Studios

RI Ballet


Thing Trunk Games

BooJee Beads

House of Fables

Laser Pegs

Elephant Games

RI Vegan Awareness

Domini Games

N-Fusion Games

U Cool Games

5 Waves Games

Casual Box Games

Five-BN Games

Rinikulous Games


Frostburn Studios

Lingplay LLC


Heroes of Newerth


Ilusa Media

Camel 101 Games



"They used to call Lon
Chaney ‘the man of a 1000 faces.’ Well, I'd like to name Ed Mace “the man of a
1000 voices.” His range and versatility is amazing to me. I recruited him to
supply the voice of Bob for my iPhone game “Poker With Bob.” All I gave him for
input was that I wanted a tough talking, wise guy that's a cross between Ash
from “Army of Darkness” and Dirty Harry. Ed took that and not only created a
voice performance but, more importantly, he created an instantly recognizable
personality that adds so much to the gameplay. He gave so much heart and soul
to the character that it made my job of animating the character a walk in the
park. He's a total trouper who took all of my suggestions and input and
returned them ten fold. I look forward to using Ed in all my future projects
knowing that no matter what type of character I throw at him, he'll deliver."

Dustin Adair – Poker with Bob





"Ed Mace is a reliable,
creative voice actor and producer with a professional attitude and devotion to
quality work. We’ve worked with Ed many times and each time he has delivered
audio files that meet and often exceed team’s expectations! "Ed did not
provide a voice, he delivered a performance! Ed brought life to 3 original
characters. He has a broad range. Highly recommend him."

Rocky Curby



"Working with Ed on voice
overs is always highly professional. Quality was great and delivery on time. I
sincerely recommend Ed Mace as the right choice to get the job done"

Vladimir Stanisic

Owner at Cordelia Games

 “Ed is a great voice actor. He delivers the
best voice-overs without any delays. He is open to suggestions. I really like
work with him. Highly recommended.”

Krzysztof Stanton

Artifex Mundi



"Because the talent pool
for voiceover work is quite full, I focus as much on the quality of service as
on the quality of product. Working with Ed over the course of several projects,
I am continuously grateful for his flexibility, reliability and patience. He is
certainly one voice to be reckoned with. And a most distinctive one at that."

Nikola Jovanovic

Eipix Entertainment

"Ed is talented,
professional, experienced and kind. Blowing soul to characters with his voice
as daily routine…Already, I’m looking forward to working with him again."

Vladimir Suhadolnik


"Ed has done a superb and
professional job on the voice overs he has created for our organization. He is
very flexible and seeks to meet his client’s needs and understand their
objectives. In addition, Ed is very efficient and always on time. We highly
recommend him! "

Alper Ozgun

Yesil Siis Games 

"I recently had the
pleasure of working with this extremely versatile voice-over talent. His
experience and ability to do virtually anything thrown at him is a great asset
to his craft. Ed is a true professional and one of the most pleasant people
I’ve ever had to work with and I look forward to working with Ed in the future.
I highly recommend Ed Mace to all in our industry. If you want someone who can
do it all, call Ed Mace."

Elana Kirshenbaum

Former President RI Vegan


"Ed's enthusiasm for his
works shines through to his final product. It was a pleasure having Ed work
with us. He has brought top quality work and uses his initiative on projects
delivering great work! "

Frankie Rossi

Cover To Cover Productions 

"I've known Ed for over
twenty years, but in a very different capacity. I've always known him to be a
great bass player, and a man his colleagues always speak of in high regard.
What I didn't realize was what an amazing voice over talent he is! He gave me
his card, I checked out his demo and WHOA! Being in the film music business,
one has to be very keen on what's current in the movie/tv trailer biz. Upon
hearing his voice, I was immediately inspired to hire him to do a voice over
for my web site. The results were more than I expected. From his serious
"movie trailer" voice, to his unique comical characterizations, he is
a first class talent. And talk about professionalism! Our recording session was
perfect. I highly recommend hiring Ed for any voice over needs. "

Joe Carrier




"I found Ed to have an
exceptional range of talent. He was very responsive, service oriented and cost
effective. We got a great audio file and we would highly recommend his
services. "

Kimberly Martinez

CEO BooJee Beads 


"Recently, Ed Mace did a
narration for a new ballet in our repertoire based on the Salem Witch Trials.
His presentation and character voice made the ballet really come to life. We
received many accolades for his professional and authentic sounding delivery.
He gave us several voices to choose from and we were extremely pleased with his
performance. "

Nancy McAuliffe

Artistic Director Rhode Island
Ballet Theatre 


"Ed delivered excellent
voice work on tight deadlines with several changes in script and tone. Email
communication was easy and professional, and the sound quality of the final
product was top-notch. I'd highly recommend Ed to anybody in need of voice
overs in time and on budget. Ed is first on my list for the next spot we need

Tapio Liukkonen

Kaamos Sound 


"I needed a voice over
for my video and I was struggling to find the right voice. I found Ed and
everything turned out well. He is super fast, reliable and of course has a
great voice! I will use his service again when ever I need it. Cheers! "

Ted Severson

Severson & Associates

"We hired Ed to do a
voice-over for a cause-marketing commercial. He blew us away. He's a virtuoso
in the world of voice. His skill, insight, and creative awareness produced the
exact outcome we were dreaming for. "

Emile Cureau 


"American voice actor Ed
Mace has lent his voice to our opening cutscenes. An experienced and extremely
supple voice actor, Ed required no prompting whatsoever. While we fluttered and
debated the best wording, he came up with the goods right from the word go. Of
his own accord, Ed decided to give the voicing a subdued American accent,
verging on British, which we felt very fitting given the period in which the
game is set (1947).The accents of American film actors have undergone changes
over the twentieth century and Ed has devised something that matches the period
and ambience of the game."

David Mekersa

Casual Box Studio 


"Ed did an amazing job on
Anka (a computer adventure game). He created many different character voices
that matched perfectly with what I wanted. I must say that I was very impressed
by his professionalism and by the quality of his work."

Jean-Claude Cottier

Ovo Games 




"I have hired Ed for a
voiceover job for a full feature documentary (The Hidden Face of Homelessness),
and found him competent, on time and quite professional. We were able to work
very well and with a simple work-flow, as he provided exactly what we needed on
the first recording. He is so professional that we had no need for second takes
or coaching as we had to do with others in the past. A pleasure to work with
and highly professional."

Luciano Cozzi

Cozzi Video Productions 




"It was great working
with Ed. We hired him to do some voice acting on a new project we are working
on, and it was a joy working with him. He delivered fast, and came up with new
ideas which made the project even better. I highly recommend his services : ) "

Tor Martin


"Ed provided us with an
excellent voice over for a TV commercial production we worked on. He honed in
on the type of voice we were looking for and nailed it. Ed delivered a high
quality product really fast. I would recommend Ed to anyone looking for a voice
over artist."

Patrick Hughes

Visual Post


"Ed Mace is a true
professional. I've had the pleasure of learning the ins and outs of the
voiceover business from his helpful advice. However, not only is he a wonderful
teacher, he is also an amazing talent. His range and diversity are unmatched.
His narrations and character pieces are original, creative, and always catch
the listener's ear. I'm proud to recommend him both as a friend and a

Andy Mack




"Ed has made impressive
and inspiring work for us, and we highly recommend him. Best voice actor we
ever worked with."

Boris Raguza

Camel 101




"Ed was prompt,
professional, and did an excellent job. Would love to work with again!"

Pierce Wilson

Animation Director

"Excellent work, Ed!
Thank you so much for the great recording - we love your voice!! I missed
working with Ed. We get everything we need exactly as we dot it down. Ed is a
true professional."

Frostburn Studios

"It’s great to work with
Ed! I was very happy to work with Ed! Great voice, wonderful intonation!"

Chris Diavolitsis Voices.com

"Ed Mace is an awesome
voice actor! Not only he has a incredible voice, but also he is a great actor
for describing emotion in characters. He understood what I need it and did it
perfectly and also helped me with some corrections with the grammar and syntax
of my script. I totally recommend working with him."

Alexander Gorshkov


"This has been a great
experience for us. Ed did a great job accommodating to what we needed, and even
went above and beyond our expectations. He had a very good attitude, and seemed
that he genuinely wanted to be helpful. I recommend working with him if you so

Blanca Aguilar Animation

"Exactly what we needed.
Thanks, Ed. Great can-do attitude. A real pro. Went the extra mile to give us
lots of choices."

Matthew Vancil Filmmaker

"Thank you so much, Ed!
Truly a pleasure!"

Mark Gordon

Game Producer

"Fantastic voice artist!
Ed and his performance are professional, dynamic and thorough. He gave me lots
of fun and great material to work with and I'd definitely like to utilize his
skills for future work."

Evan Rosenberg


"Excellent as always.
Hard working and takes good direction! Isn't satisfied unless you are

Christopher O’Connell

Animation Visual Effects

"It was excellent!
Character in our game is much more alive now."

Joe Parisi

N-Fusion Interactive

"Excellent Talent! A++
Thank you for amazing job. "

Oleg Smolyanskiy

Domini Games

"Very professional and a
pleasure to work with. Excellent work!"

Kyriako Zarkadas Producer



"Ed Mace never ceases to
amaze me with his talent and his professionalism. Was quite fun to direct. Very
professional actor. Good quality end product! Ed Mace does excellent work!
Always a pleasure to work with this guy!! Highly recommended actor."

Joo Kno Media

"Ed was fantastic. Very
fast and efficient production. Very happy with the output."

Frostburn Studios

"Ed is a great voiceover
artist and a hard-working person. I'm grateful for him being patient with our
troubled project. I'd like to thank Ed for being patient about our comments and
for providing numerous takes for us to choose from. It really helps while
composing the game. It's not the first time we work with Ed, and he is
incredible in working on voices of different characters. Thanks, Ed."

Josh Bondy Ogilvy Australia

"Excellent work! We loved
‘em, captured the type of voice we wanted perfectly : )"

Rusian Efimov Elephant Games

"Ed was wonderful to work
with. Provide timely responses to help our project complete on time."

Vincent van Geel ISOTX

"Awesome job. Did exactly
what we needed and then went the extra mile and a half to please our very picky
client. Very fast, thorough and professional. Thanks Ed."

Dustin Berlin UVU The School of Aviation Science

"Ed did a wonderful job
on our voice over and I would strongly recommend using him. He has a great
voice and worked quickly to meet a tight deadline. I would definitely hire him

Steve Anderson Popcorn Media

"Excellent job Ed, thank

Kevin G. Summers Literary
Outlaw LLC

"I've had the pleasure of
knowing Ed for a number of years. His voice acting skills are top notch and his
innovative marketing ideas are delightful. He’s funny, kind, personable, and
professional. The diversity of his voice and his range of characters is
incredible. If you have a voice over job to fill, this is your guy!"

Sean Mancuso Voices.com

"Ed is a great voiceover
artist. We hired him for several projects and he always delivered the best
recordings. Ed's voices always meet the requirements we have for the
characters, and they are never the same, which is the crucial point for our

Lin Parkin Copy Writer/Editor
Blogger Author Marketing



"Voiceover recording has
started. Ed Mace starring as a game narrator. He brings incredible talent and
is just a perfect match for the role. Ed Mace is absolutely brilliant. Ed
provided narration for our video game J.U.L.I.A. and provided his voice for our
J.U.L.I.A. trailer. If you need an outstanding voice actor, look no further. Ed
convinced me that he's simply one of the best I've met so far. His attention to
detail, excellent sound quality and diverse ways of acting clearly shows that
he's a real expert in this field. Count in proactive and personal approach and
you can't go wrong with hiring Ed for your projects. If I ever needed this kind
of voice again, I'll knock on Ed's door for sure."

Jan Kavan

J.U.L.I.A the Game Cardboard
Box Entertainment





Casting Calls and Auditons

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