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About Me

Hello, call me Trace!

I'm a soon-to-be 17-year-old senior in High School, who's just tryna live his life!

I am an actor, singer, choreographer, model, video game designer and now, I can add voice actor to that list! 

It's really easy for me to do a lot of voices, both male and female. As a singer, I sing both from bass to countertenor, it's blessed me with such a versatile voice.

Being the director of voice casting calls, it's intriguing! You get to hear so many different voices go for the same roles and I think it's a privilege to experience these and make a call on what I think people would enjoy hearing.

~Regarding Auditions~

I will always comment on your auditions how you did, and what we are looking for. Critiques are generally positive unless your audition was just a bad attempt- then I'll ask for you to retry auditioning. When it comes close to the deadline, I will personally contact you with additional lines to read if you have a chance of getting the role you auditioned for. I'll even throw in some lines for a character you didn't audition for, if I feel your voice is a fit for another.

After a few days of receiving your comment, your audition will either remain open, or you will receive a notification of "Rejection". If you do receive "Rejection", then you are free to audition again if you want. Your rejected audition won't impact the outcome of your new audition. You don't have to ask me to redo an audition, feel free to audition for any role as many times as you want!

~Tips To Get Casted/Noticed~

1. Always give it your all - I love it when people, legit, try their hearts out. Don't waste my time with an effortless audition.
2. Listen to other auditions
- Get an idea about what people are interpreting and follow suite, but stand out. Never copy someone's audition.
3. Improve yourself with critiques
- Never ask me to audition again. Just take the critiques, apply them, and try again. Persistance is quality to me.
4. Consider this a competition
- I only cast the best of the best. Voice actors are just like stage and TV actors, only the best of the best are chosen. Give it your all and leave all others in the dust.
5. Just have fun
- Yes, you must be serious, but have fun with it too. If you're loose with it, have fun, and are confident, then the audition will go a lot better than you expect.

~Have fun with everything guys! I hope you all audition for all the roles I have and let's hope I get casted in a few things too! If you ever need a friend, feel free to message me! I'm always on, so I'll reply a lot! Break a leg, you guys!~




Casting Calls and Auditons

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