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Joe is an American voice actor known for his work on StarForce Media (Transformers & Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), EliteProductions (Supertards and various), and many more!




StarForce Media-     Transformers IDW (Audio Series)

                                      Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IDW Season 3 (Comic Dub)
Selina                          Warriors: A Vision of Shadows #2 (Fanmade Audio Book) 
ToaTapio                      Bionicle (Comic Dub)
Jackson Trent            Bionicle: Ignition Season 3 (Comic Dub)
DonkeyDude-            Sonic the Hedgehog: Champions (Comic Dub/PART 1 ONLY)
Aquatic Charizard-  Pokemon: Mystery Dungeon: Victory Fire
XephThePanda-        Sonic Universe: Eggman's Dozen (Comic Dub) 

EliteProductions- BRINE 


                                   The Supertards

                                   Lockdown 3 

ShankShark-          Predator 


NP-Noah Productions-  Bionicle Igniton 2

CallanLOF                         Bionicle Undercover- Prologue 2/3

SwagWaveSM-                Superior  Spider-Man vs. The Vulture

MarkezFilms-                  Spider-Man vs The Vulture 1 & 2

Logan Grasso-                 Lego Batman: Gotham After Midnight (Seasons 1-2)

                                            Lego Flash: Crimson Comet (Season 2)

DT98Films                       Lego Batman: Shadows Of The Knight (Ep. 3 Only)

JamPot Studios              Lego Planet Hulk: Origins

 BJ Lewis                           Transformers: Flashpoint

LordStarscream100       Ninjago: Age Of The Golden Master

William Furno-                Chronicles of Bio-Hero Season 2


Alexander Vogt-               Dawns Light

Teelia-                                 Strong Hearts Are Manadtory

Kutsivi-                              Klockwork 

Icerift Frejya-                    Aeon 01: Dark Revolution

Jay Baines-                        Transformers: Spark Of The Primes                  

Lewis                                   Dragon Ball Z: Invasion of Tradick 

Sam Quak Brony-            Hearth's Warming Con 2018 Opening Animation                                                 


Project: Transformers: The Audio Series
Client: Tatianna Stapleton 
Testimonial: "You've got range to voice a wide variety of characters, ranging from upbeat and comedic to calm and stoic, can carry out great performances, can take direction well, and are incredibly reliable."

Project(s): entity_303, BRINE & The SuperTards
Client: EliteProductions
Testimonial: "Joe has a great range of voices for different characters. He can go from comedic and silly to serious, and depending on the character, evil. Very rarely do you need him to do any re-takes. Follows direction and the script well. Joe is also very reliable, if you want lines by a certain date, you know that Joe will get them to you on that day."

Casting Calls and Auditons

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