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Hey there! I am an aspiring voice actor and I have the ability to be versatile to the role. My natural voice is medium level with an Australian accent but I am incredibly versatile with the ability to play most teenage boys as well as typical female roles. For examples, take a look at my auditions below. 

Feedback is always appreciated as I’m constantly learning new things about my voice and my range (until recently I never realised I had the potential to voice characters like Monkey D Luffy or Blackstar). In most of my work I put on an accent to attempt to hide my Aussie accent the best I can do if you have any tips on hiding accents too, that would be very welcome!

Accents: I can do my natural Australian accent as well as English, French, Russian and North American accents. 

Time Zone: AWST (please be mindful of the time difference)

If you're looking for me outside here then you can find my on:
Discord: chantelle_pitt_#8005

Twitter: @thataussieva
Instagram: @thataussievoiceactor
Youtube: That Aussie Voice Actor

If you've worked with me in the past, feel free to follow me and/or give me a recommendation! 


Flexible when it comes to pricing. 

For amateur works, I am happy to work free of charge, but I'm also happy to negotiate payment with you depending on the amount of work for the project. 


Ongoing roles:

Harry Potter audiobook /  Harry Potter
SmackNPie YouTube Channel /  Content Creator
Black Butler Abridged /  Ciel Phantomhive 
Black Butler: Book of Shadows  /  Mey-Rin
Black Butler X Listener - Mey-Rin

[Look-A-Bridge] - Extra
Full Metal Alchemist Abridged /  Winry RockbellLan Fan and Izumi Curtis

Izuku vs. Todoroki / Izuku Midoriya/Deku
Sweeney Todd Animated Musical  /  Ensemble 
Into the Woods Animated Musical  / Jack's Mother
"When You're an Addams" cover  / Morticia Addams
The Lion King Jr / Zazu
Soul Eater Manga Dub / Black Star
Tokyo Ghoul Manga Dub /  Yoriko Kosaka

Full Metal Alchemist Dub - Envy
Fairy Tail Abridged - Lucy Heartfilia
One Piece Abridged - Nami

Completed roles:
Fairly Odd Gamer Youtube Channel - Intro singer
No Time like the Future audiobook

When the Stars Fall audiobook

YouTube Video "Draw Something" - Black Star

Phenomenon /  Nature


Casting Calls and Auditons

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