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Voice Actor
Audio Engineer
  • Skills
    Ear prompting
    Audio Editing
    Character Voices
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    American English
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    Middle aged
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    British London
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CB Droege is a classically trained voice actor from the Ohio valley, who has been performing at various levels for two decades.

He has a unique voice which is deep, but not overwhelming, with naturally non-dialectic American tones.

CB specializes in storytelling, but has a diverse set of talent and experience. His past projects include audiobooks (both journalistic and fiction), documentary voice-overs, online newscasts, video game characters, corporate training, sales presentations, and educational recordings for the hearing impaired. He is capable of character voices and word-for-word ear prompting.

Educational credentials include a BA in Radio Production and an MA in English.

Clients include small businesses and publishers as well as multi-national corporations.


These are my typical rates for typical projects, to be used as a guideline. Some projects (like very complex projects, broadcast advertisements, or projects with tight deadlines) might call for a higher price, while some (like projects that wish to do their own editing and finishing or projects for schools, non-profits, or indie producers) might get a lower price. Send me a note (contact at cbdroege dot com) with some information about your project to get a more accurate idea of the costs associated.

Prices (in USD) indicated are for finished audio. I am non-union.

1 minute: 20$
10 minutes: 50$
30 Minutes: 120$
1 hour: 200$
5 hours: 750$
over 5 hours: 150$/hr


Some past projects, featuring the voice of CB Droege:


  • Manawaker Studio's Flash Fiction Podcast - Host, over 50 episodes, (ongoing project)

  • The Centropic Oracle - Reader, various episodes, (ongoing project)

  • Starward Tales, Volume 1: An Anthology of Speculative Legends ed. CB Droege - Narrator

  • The Great Tome of Fantastic and Wondrous Places: The Great Tome Series, Book 3 ed. Julie Ann Dawson - Narrator

  • Legacy: The Technomage Archive, Book 3 by B.J. Keeton - Narrator

  • The Great Tome of Darkest Horrors and Unspeakable Evils: The Great Tome Series, Volume 2 ed. Julie Ann Dawson - Narrator

  • The Great Tome of Forgotten Relics and Artifacts: The Great Tome Series, Book 1 ed. Julie Ann Dawson - Narrator

  • Lineage: The Technomage Archive, Book 2 by B.J. Keeton - Narrator

  • Job Hunt by Jackie Keswick - Narrator (as Fox Ballard)

  • Birthright: The Technomage Archive, Book 1 by B.J. Keeton - Narrator

  • CYBERPUNK: Outlaws and Hackers on the Computer Frontier, Revised by Katie Hafner and John Markoff - Narrator

  • Nymphania by Jasmin Reed - Narrator

  • The Interfected Fisk: A Drama of the Gouldium by F L Light - Performer

Documentary voice over:

  • Girls, Guns, and Gambling: How ordinary Citizen's Drove Vice Out of Newport. 2004 - Narrator

Character voices:

  • Let's Read Paranatural (YouTube series) - Agent Walker

  • upcoming, unannounced video game project (video game) - an Assassin - a Ghost - a Ship's Ensign

  • Kvatch Rebuilt (video game) - various voices


  • Dozens of uncredited commercial, corporate, and live projects with clients ranging from small local businesses to major international corporations. Including:

    • Clear Channel - Cincinnati, OH

    • Child and Family Guidance Center - Bridgeport, CT

    • Saudi Methacrylates Company - Saudi Arabia

    • National Association forthe Advancement of Colored People - Cincinnati, OH

    • WNKU - Northern Kentucky (NPR Affiliate)

    • WNTV - Northern Kentucky (Public Television)

    • NCTV - Northern Kentucky (PBS Affiliate)

    • Northern Kentucky University

    • Milford Athletics - Cincinnati, OH


Casting Calls and Auditons

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