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I am brhealer, but you may call me by Bee or Brhea. I am a voice acting and singing hobbyist, with a passion to express my emotions into my work.
I am fairly new to this site, so please keep in mind I may not know as much about it as others may. I am always open to learning though.

Check out my YouTube where I sometimes post covers of songs I literally die for. I'm a diehard musical fan. 

I sometimes do Art? But I am nowhere near talented. My talents are focused on my voice. 


How long have you been voice acting for?
I have been passionate about voice acting and singing since I was very young, the earliest I can remember is 6 years old, getting right into Disney. Not too much a fan of princesses back then but the singing? I was pure excited about all of that. Up until now? I will give you a range between 7-10 years. 

This must be obvious but by having that rough estimate you may have figured out I am a minor! This means I will NOT be doing ANY NSFW work. As a joke? Perhaps but any NSFW taken seriously is strictly not allowed. For both parties sake. 

What's your capabilities?

I'm a soprano/alto singer. My range is best on the high side than the low. I am not experienced with music sheets, I am entirely self taught in my singing, but I have attended drama and singing clubs, like a choir for several years. I can do a range of accents, and if not too difficult, I can sing and voice act in Japanese. I am originally British, and well Scottish. But I am mostly seen using my North American accent, as well as my.. I'll call it a Toriel voice. Since it's not exactly British English, nor is it North American.. It's a combination really.

I am mostly an Impersonator, but I can do custom voices. 

I will provide a list of Impersonations I can do below.

Toriel (Undertale)
Alphys (Undertale)
Frisk (Undertale)
Fem!Papyrus (Undertale?)
DVa (Overwatch)
Mercy (Overwatch)
Tracer (Overwatch)
Princess Celestia (My Little Pony)
Fluttershy (My Little Pony)
Pinkie Pie (My Little Pony)
AppleJack (My Little Pony)
Rarity (My Little Pony)
Princess Luna (My Little Pony)
AppleBloom (My Little Pony)
Scootaloo (My Little Pony)
The Weirdest Loli Voice Ever (I don't even know)
Adagio Dazzle (My Little Pony)
Ruby Rose (RWBY)
Aquamarine (Steven Universe)
Connie (Steven Universe)
A whole range of anime voices really... (Anime???)


Right now, I work free. But in the future I will be setting up rates for my voices. Until now, you can snatch my weird voice for nothin.


I am frequently available. I am on basically all day, everyday. And I will be making notices of when I will be unavailable for several days or weeks. Keep in mind I live in an apartment so voice acting in the middle of the night is a no-go. Please keep in mind my timezone as of now is GMT, and during the summer, BST.  

My preferred method in voicing characters is to send it via email/skype. But if needed I can get in a call. 
I'm a shy bean so please, be gentle~ -Okay sorry that was uncalled for.  

Always feel free to PM me here, or add me on discord if you need to chat. I have Skype also. :) brhealer#4868




Casting Calls and Auditons

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