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  •       Voice over has been a long time passion of mine since I was 5 years old. I've spent most of my childhood dedicated to mimicking movies, stand up comedy and cartoons like; Animaniacs, Transformers G2, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Disney block and Batman The Animated Series.

          Throughout my young adult years I took an interest into filmmaking. Discovering the wonder behind the scenes, I have helped the friends I had grown up with and aided their low budget productions. The roles contributed to these productions were as a co-writer, co- director, producer, cameraman and actor. Through that, I had found my niche and an enhanced love for film.


     Finally in 2012! I finally drew the courage and began my journey into voice over. Leaving impressions with voices such as the grizzled Marcus from "Outpost 86", the eccentrically socially awkward Max from SimmerJonny’s series "Alone" and over 200 projects. Today I offer my service to web series, video games, school/professional projects and company voice systems from my home studio in Dallas/Fort Worth, Tx. 



Will work with charities!


Hitpan, Cleverbox Pictures, Hagen Toons, Endless Animations and Illumination Cinema to name a few


“Working with Carl has been one of those rare opportunities where you are guaranteed sheer perfection from each and every line he delivers to you. Finding a talent as professional and enthusiastic as Carl is what most filmmakers dream of. He brought life and a level of depth to his characters that you didn’t even realise was there in the first place. Truly a remarkable voice actor and all round neat guy!”

- SimmerJonny

“Carl not only gets the job done, but is a friend and extremely brilliant! To him, it’s not just about executing the line but also fitting the line to the story. He’s prompt and I trust him with every opportunity I have in a Male VA.”
- TwistTV

“Carl can handle any task you throw at him and he’s great with communication.”
- Matt A ( Storm Legacy Studios)

“It’s always a pleasure to work with Carl. Whatever the line or the character he will give it his all. His acting never ceases to amaze me”
- SimBerrry 

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