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I'm basically the guy next door to most people.  I have had a fair share of the spotlight with live bands, music sessions, public events, and leadership opportunities. Now I am at a point in which I would like to put all of that experince to use in the entertainment industry as an voice over actor, and an on screen actor and model.  


My life experiences have given me a background which is very diverse:  I'm truly a "Jack of Many Trades".  In my free time, I enjoy watching movies, playing sports, freelance writing, and theological studies; however, my passion is still in entertaining people.  I feel called to do this, so I continue to pursue coaching and opportunities to grow my skills, and expand my market value.


My family, friends, and co-workers have always seen this "entertainer" characteristic within me, and have constantly encouraged me to pursue entertainment.  After years of taking a more reserved approach to this, I am moving forward with a more agressive approach.


I have been influenced by many people and personalities in both the music industry, and acting industry; developing great friendships through the years.  After all, when the music fades, and the lights go down, the relationships will still remain.  My parents were passionate about Gospel harmonies, and the Grand Ole Opry; while my older brother was listening to Metallica, Ozzy, and Aerosmith.  My radio station changes from Alternative, to Contemporary worship, to Classical and Jazz... I appreciate the variety - I guess that is why I have such a strong passion for the 80's:  A time of diverse musical tastes, with endless flavors.


So what is my best fit?....I'm glad you asked!!  First of all, I am based out of MN, with my primary agents and market being Minneapolis.  However, I am comfortable with travel, and very interested in pursuing US based opportunities. 

For acting, I feel confident in Film, TV, industrial, and commercial work.  My professional experience, and knowledge of several business industries allow me to fluently present lines.  I am a lifelong fan of sitcoms, and would welcome bringing new characters to pilots or existing storyboards.  My look can be changed quite dramatically, and I feel comfortable playing a wide variety of both voice over and acting roles.  I avoid vulgar profanity or full nudity, and intimacy is reserved for my wife alone. 


My childhood passion was comic books and cartoons; personally collecting 6500 comics.  I would love to be involved in any type of Comic Book to Film project; whether as a live actor, or voice-over actor.  In addition, I would welcome the opportunity to be a part of any animated projects or other voice-over work.  I welcome dark roles for the good of a project with a strong storyline.


I have a professional PC-Based recording setup in my home which is where I create much of my music, and my voice over projects.  I am pursing a strong video setup as well, as I see the industry heading in this direction.


In addition, I would like to apply my talents as a musician, an experienced leader, and role model to my projects as well.  I would love to be involved with projects that my entire family can enjoy, and that promote overcoming diverse challenges, addictions, and situations that are very real to our lives.  I'm also very interested in Biblical Theology and Eschatology.


God willing, the right doors will open, and I will have the wisdom to pursue projects that are good for me and my career, and can benefit family, friends, and the world around me..  


Thanks for listening...and thank you for your continued encouragement and support.




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