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Hello and thank you for reading!

OK, so a quick and concise description of me for all intents and purposes:

1) I am a public middle school string orchestra director
2) I am a professional violinist/violist
3) I am a man who loves music, food, video games, his dog, anime, anything VO/VA related, his mom, massage, "piña coladas, and getting caught in the rain..."
4)  I am professional, respectful, honest, hard-working, coach-able and determined to provide the best performance possible of which I am capable, for your project

But perhaps more relevant (and admittedly more lengthy) is why I'm here on CCC. 

And the reason is...

...because I want to voice act. 

And I say that I want to "voice act" rather than want to be an "online voice actor" because I simply want to enjoy the experience of using my own voice to emote and interpret a situation to the best of my ability, not try to market myself for financial gain or instant online fame.  *No offense to real online voice actors!  To clarify: it just seems that nowadays, many people are doing this for the sole purpose of getting famous*  I voice act because I truly love it and it brings me happiness  =)

That's the short answer, lol.  If you're at all interested in a more in-depth look into why I'm here and choosing to do voice-overs and voice-acting jobs, please feel free to ask!


Pricing is determined on a project by project basis depending on various factors that include specific time commitment, quantity of lines, and number of roles, just to name a few.


Please inquire about client info.


The Kikka Kibaz on Dec 05
Received voice work

not only works fast and sends the lines way earlier than the deadline
stablished, but is also a great voice actor who can portrait the various
emotions associated with the character, making it "alive". It's really
easy to work with him and it's a pleasure to have him in the team

Casting Calls and Auditons

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