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Hey! My name is Mark. I am aspiring voice actor that has a passion for animation and video game voice overs; as arrogant as that sounds. I am currently studying for a degree in the arts; primarly in acting. Its a craft that I work on consistently and want to bring out the best I can on here.

Reels and YouTube

I am currently working on getting my demo reels put together and will be posted on a secondary YouTube channel, as well as mp3's of them put on here as well. The YouTube channel link at the moment is my main channel where I create content on my spare time and do it all for fun. You can get a idea how I generally sound. Despite how satirical and unprofessional possibly I may sound or seem in those videos; I assure you that I know the time and place for them.

Regarding Recording

If possible having a recording session over Skype for direction is a joyful welcome. Obviously if recording has to be done without Skype I would appreciate if you can send over in detail what you want out of the character/scene. 


I understand on this site and its many content creators do not have the funds to pay all of their actors or any of them at all. The creators might even have financial issues of their own and might even make the project have issues. I understand that and I totally get it. I am willing to do characters for free, but obviously there is more to it than that.

If I am given a script that is just dense and filled with almost endless dialogue with very little pay or non at all I am going to have to respectfully decline the role. I cannot dedicate time to just one project if I cannot get anything out of it. 

I know that sounds like I am "full of myself" but you have to understand that its a unrealistic expectation from any actor at some point. Now that doesn't mean I will do that to any project. If there is something that just gives off a creative spark or unspeakable desire for that project, I probably would be interested.


MXL 770 Cardioid Condenser Mic

Focusrite Scarlett Solo Audio Interface

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Hopefully we can work together and have a great time!




Casting Calls and Auditons

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